Caregiving Around the Clock

Katana Abbott and Jim Mosely, Concierge, Regents Park Troy – Caregiving Seminar
National Family Caregivers Month began in 1994 and was inaugurated by the Caregiver Action Network. It is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country. The theme for this year is “Caregiving Around the Clock.”
As Roslyn Carter so eloquently stated:
“There are only 4 types of people: Those who have been caregivers,
those who are caregivers, those who receive care,
and those who will be caregivers in the future.”
I’ve been on a mission for the last 30 years to inspire individuals to prepare for becoming a caregiver or care-receiver well in advance of the “triggering event.” This was my theme last Wednesday night in Troy when I presented my Designated Caregiver seminar to an audience of retirees.
The secret to all planning is starting early when options are affordable and plentiful. Last Wednesday, we talked about:
  • how to get organized so others can find important documents;
  • having those important conversations with loved ones;
  • new hybrid long-term care policies that incorporate either life insurance or annuities;
  • creating an advisory team;
  • AND doing all of this now before it’s too late!
It’s so easy to put things off until there’s a reason to act. This is such a difficult topic, but preparing in advance, can make the experience so much easier for all.
To help you get started with the process, listen to my interview with caregiving expert, Breeda Miller below. Plus, I’m sharing my article with four steps to prepare for care.
If you want me to talk to your organization or would like to discuss your situation personally, email me at

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