Wise words from a Smart Woman!

Judie Sherman, Katana, and Camilla Kavanagh
Judie Sherman, Katana, and Camilla Kavanagh

Last week, I attended a beautiful High Tea at the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham to raise funds for the Women’s Division of Project Hope (WDPH). I was surrounded by wonderful women of all ages, including a few women in their 90s who are very vibrant and active!

After the high tea, I interviewed one of the supporters of the Women’s Division of Project Hope to find out her secret to longevity. Her name is Camilla Kavanagh, and she is 99 years old (pictured above). She’s not only gorgeous, but she is funny and still drives!

I asked Camillia to share her secrets to living vibrantly at 99. This is what she told me:

“I live alone, drive, and do everything I want to do. I didn’t feel well today and could have stayed home, but I said, “Just do it!” I don’t care about age. It’s all about how you feel. It’s attitude. I’m a good Irish Catholic and go to Mass, say my prayers. I don’t talk about the negative — just the positive. I exercise by walking every other day. Never paid attention to my diet. No medications. I do take vitamins. I was 42 when I had my youngest daughter. Every year, I take my daughters on a trip to Europe and other wonderful places. This year we are going to the Grand Canyon. I could have saved the money, and they would have had quite an inheritance. But it’s the memories that are important! Creating memories.”

I cannot wait to celebrate Camilla’s 100th birthday! Attitude, simplicity, spirituality, purpose, family, and exercise. Wise words from a Smart Woman!

BTW, last week, I wrote an article about one of the Blue Zones, the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, where they have an unusually high number of centenarians. In the article, I shared their eight secrets to longevity. If you missed it, you can read the full article here.

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