Why You Want to Create from Intention vs. Circumstances

kat lake houseI’ve been recuperating from my knee replacement for the last few weeks, so I’ve had some time to think about things.  One of the things I am most grateful for is our home on the lake.  I work from my home, so I feel I’ve been able to turn my vocation into a vacation.  But it wasn’t always like this.

Almost 20 years ago, my husband and I lived in a house that had access to a beautiful lake.  Whenever we wanted to go boating, however, we would have to walk down a dirt road to the end of the street.  Most of the time, this worked out fine, and as a newly married couple, we were extremely grateful to actually own a boat and have access to such a beautiful lake.

We realized that whenever we had parties or friends over, the lack of proximity to the lake presented a problem, because we would either have to limit our group to no more than 8, or we would need to leave some people back at the house.

We often talked about how nice it would be to live on the lake one day, so this would no longer be an issue.

Then one day, I began walking with a friend who lived right on the lake.  Each morning I would sit on her deck and watch the sun rise over the lake, while I waited for her to come out and join me.  As I watched the sun rise, one morning, I said to myself.  “It’s time, I want this view!”

After my walk that day, I went home and shared my dream with my husband.  He agreed 100%, so we went to our friend who was the biggest real estate agent in the lakes area and shared our dream of owning a house on the lake.

She looked us square in the face and said, “Forget it!  You cannot afford it. Your house is not in a good area, it’s over built, you have no equity or cash to put down.  You cannot afford to buy a house on the lake.”

Well, my husband and I decided the calling was too strong.  We wanted to live on the lake, and we wanted the perfect lot with no neighbors, with lots of frontage and in a wonderful community.  At this time, I was also reading a book about the Law of Attraction and manifesting through “Intention”.    The steps I share below are the exact steps we took to manifest our house on the lake.


Step 1:  Create from Intention not from Circumstances

This means you need to check your Ego at the door.  You will need to turn off the naysayers in your head as well as in your life.  Forget about what’s going on in your life today, and shift your thoughts to what you want without limitations.

I call this High Intention – Low attachment .  Remember, we often operate from limited thinking based on our current circumstances or what we think is possible based on our current situation or past experiences.  So be open to unlimited possibilities and just put your Intention out to the Universe.

I want to add, that this does not mean being foolish or taking undo financial risk.  In our situation, even though we were illiquid and did not have cash in the bank, we had a very high income, so we could afford what we were intending to do.  Make sure you get sound financial advise.


Step 2:  Take action:

In the meantime, we began taking action.  We listed our cabin up north and our waterfront lot on the Grass River with a real estate agent Up North and we listed our home we were living in.

Next, we began visiting houses on the lake that were for sale.   We went to one house after another and they were all the same:

–       road noise

–       bad school system

–       often the deck was so close to the neighbor, that we joked, “can you pass the Grey Poupon, please!”

We never lost sight of our dream house.  It would have privacy, look like an English cottage, good schools, and it would be affordable.


Step 3:  Stay focused on what you want or better.  Focus on what you want – not what you don’t want.  As I stated earlier, ignore Nay Sayers.  Stay open  what you want and better — even more than you could ever dream of”.

The Universe may have a much bigger idea or solution for you.  Much better than you could even imagine – ever.  Stay in this high vibration.  Trust the process.


Step 4:  When opportunity knocks, look at the numbers, but follow your gut. 

One day — after several months — I received a call from my friend, the agent that had told me, “we should forget about it.”

I was on the road when Marie called, saying, “I have your house!”  She described it to me, and I told her right on the phone — sight unseen — that I would take it.  But she told me it’s not that easy.  It’s already sold to someone else, but there is a contingency, so let’s write a back up order.

She met us there and she was right, it was perfect in every way, privacy, our little English cottage, including the price.   We made the backup offer and it was accepted!


We had a Big Problem:  The agent was right.  Our old house was in a terrible neighborhood, we had no money to put down, and everything was tied up and illiquid.  I took some time alone to think things through and consulted with a few confidants.  I am a financial planner and my skill is problem solving…and in our case, I was able to come up with a very creative solution.

We put the plan in motion.  We trusted it would work.  We never lost faith, and it worked perfectly or should I say Divinely?  We secured temporary funds, held some in an account to pay two mortgages for up to 10 months while everything sold.

Today, our house is gorgeous.  It was of our best investments both financially and spiritually.  It was very scary taking the risk we did, but I know to this day, it was not some random act of circumstance.  It was created and executed from intention.  It happened because I followed a process based on spiritual and practical laws of intention.

I’ve followed this process in so many other areas of my life, and I have taught it to others.  I cannot imagine our life today had we not taken that LEAP of faith and then taken the action steps to make it happen.

What is it in your life that is calling out to you?  What do you want so much, but have no idea how to manifest it? Feel free to follow these steps.

If you want to talk about it with me, feel free to reach out for a private conversation.  Sometimes just taking the time to think about what you want, then writing it out, and finally talking about it with someone who will listen without judgment is all it will take for you to gain clarity.

Another option:  If you want help getting what you want, then feel free to watch my free 3 part video series www.MidlifeMillionaireSecrets.com.   It’s time to live with more purpose, passion and prosperity!

The private session is a limited time offering for the first five who respond in the next 48 hours.  You will be asked to complete a detailed online form before our call to make our time more productive.   Good luck!

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