Where in Your Life are You Hiding Out and Playing Small?

What happens when we continue to push down those dreams, our fabulous and unique gifts? We become sick, depressed, we lose our mojo, we self medicate, and the biggest tragedy is that the world misses out on everything that you have inside of you that just screaming to shine through.


Why is it that we often find ourselves playing small or hiding from our brilliance?  What’s going on that keeps us from taking that LEAP or asking for what we really and truly want in our lives?

I believe, it’s those darn limiting beliefs that hold us back…those voices in our heads that tell us to play safe, don’t rock the boat, it’s okay like it is…just ignore it.

But what happens when we do this?  What happens when we continue to push down those dreams, our fabulous and unique gifts?  We become sick, depressed, we lose our mojo, we self medicate, and the biggest tragedy is that the world misses out on everything that we have inside that just screaming to shine through.

All of us have these limiting beliefs and the funny thing is that most of them aren’t even true!  That’s right!  They are simply beliefs that we made up to keep us safe when we were little children.   Then those beliefs become “Our Story” and we simply keep living the story over every day just like in the movie “Ground Hog Day”.

It’s true, according to science, we spend 95% of our time operating on auto pilot or from our subconscious. — from those experiences formed when we were very young.  This means we are only operating from a fully conscious level 5% of our time!

So how do you shift?  How do you breakthrough, because those stories seem very real, don’t they?

  • It could be from an eye opening experience that forces us out of our comfort zone.  We LEAP – we learn – we grow.  This happens.
  • Another way, could be through the guidance of a caring mentor, we are able to release a limiting belief so that fear simply slips away. I have helped hundreds of women do this and it’s been so profound!
  • And then, it might just be that the timing is right, and we are ready.

Last week, the planets all aligned not only for me but many others at Ruth Klein’s Expert Celebrity Branding workshop.  It’s so exciting to experience transformation when you have support and time to let it percolate.  In addition something magical happens when you are able to speak your truth in front of others and get positive feedback.

Just stating your truth and making a decision, a magical process begins — “the Universe Chimes in” as Ruth says.  I call it Dancing with the Universe.  It’s a beautiful thing.

My breakthrough came as a rebirth of my beautiful, brilliant brand Midlife Millionaire.  Now that I have been able to merge my Smart Women programs into my nonprofit, I can offer my programs to all the women of the world for free, it has created this lovely space for me to lead my Midlife Millionaire Mastermind Retreats for a very specific niche.  This is mine:

For women who want to travel and connect with other like minded successful women in an exclusive, life changing, unique experience, far away from home in Costa Rica and Panama.  How does this resonate with you?

At Ruth’s event, I was invited to be on a “Best Practices Panel”, and I had no idea that this is what would come of this experience.

In my case, all three things above aligned for me:

  • I was put on the spot and taken through a very sacred and brilliant process that allowed me to LEAP.
  • I had a gifted mentor – Ruth Klein – facilitating this process at the workshop.
  • and then the timing was perfect.

Let me tell you, I almost didn’t go to this workshop.  I was in total resistance.  Even after stating I was going on Ruth’s Telesummit, I cancelled and made up an excuse that I was too busy.

But I received calls and emails that I had to attend…that others were counting on me.  (this is that support that is so important!).   Thank God I showed up too.


  • A literary agent who was on another expert panel was also in the audience when I spoke, and she has asked to see my book proposal.  She loves my Midlife Millionaire! She says she can get me a book deal.
  • A producer who was on another expert panel and also in the audience when I told my story, came up to me after the event and wants to meet with me to discuss something so mind blowing that I cannot even share it with you at this time…but I will if it manifests!
  • I had so many people come up to me after I shared my “Beautiful Brand” — this is the same brand that I was trying to keep as the “Best Kept Secret” and they all said they wanted to know more — to come on my retreats — to connect!

So ask yourself:  where in your life are you hiding, playing small, not shining your light, afraid what you have, or know, or do is not good enough — trying to keep it as “the best keep secret”? 

I challenge you to post your comments right below this blog to post it below or to contact me personally, because I will challenge and support you.  You can reach me right here:  www.talkwithkatana.com

It’s time to shine your light, to take your stand, to live your joyful, authentic and abundant life.  What are you waiting for?

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