Updating Your Personal & Business Brand With Your Existing Products, Books, Services, and Ideas… Part I

31BEy8yv+pL._UX250_Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the work you have to do; all the products or services you want to start; finally use or reuse the previous products and services and maybe even re-launch them? Plus, are you wondering how you will find the time to do all of this work so that you can start monetizing your existing material, products (new or old), services, etc. ?

Most small businesses, authors and professionals I work with have answered a resounding “yes to these feelings of overwhelm and frustration…and they find themselves procrastinating and not getting much of anything done.

Our reality is our perception which is made up of our thoughts and experiences. If your thinking and hence, your perception is one of being overwhelmed with all your past and present products, writing, books, seminars, services, then you are overwhelmed. The response to feeling overwhelmed is often procrastination, anxiety and stress. There is another option and that is changing your reality in this moment.

Rather than the perception of overwhelm, you can change your thoughts right in this moment toI have a “treasure of stuff that I’ve created and now I have the opportunity to reuse, modify or re-launch them and update my Personal and Business Brand in the process.

So, how does this all tie into your Personal and Business Brand? Here are six ways that you can take your overwhelm feelings, many “old and “new products, services, ideas and books..update them and then re-launch them with a focus to an updated Personal and Business Brand. I hope you like my new Brand look in this issue.

1. First, give yourself permission to spend one to two hours a day for the next two weeks to “find all your past seminars, webinars, videos, speeches, different types of writing, blog posts, MP3’s, testimonials, pictures, special discounts and promotions that worked well in the past

Tip: I assure you that the time you spend “gathering will shorten the “hun later.

2. Organize all this information into what you believe would be worthwhile to use now. You will be amazed at all the great “stuff or as I prefer to say, “treasures you will find. Congratulations for doing this, because now you will save so much time and stress moving forward in sorting, discarding and re-launching your ideas, products, books and services.

Tip: This is the perfect time to gather all of your old as well as new material. Why reinvent the wheel? Chances are good that your “older works, material and writings have gems in them and can easily be used and updated with what you’re doing now.

3. Now, it’s time to make a list of everything you have found and put the “treasures into categories, and then create neat piles. Do this for all the good stuff you’ve found. Create complimentary stacks, if necessary.

Tip: Place these stacks of treasures in large plastic containers and list the contents on a sheet of paper that you keep on top of each of the stacks makes for easy reference and saves a ton of time moving forward.

4. Okay, now that you’ve taken the time to pull everything, identified what everything is; put them into stacks of similar content; made a list of everythingnow, it’s time to identify the top two (yes, only two) areas that you are passionate about and want to focus on in your business. Those are the two (yes, only two..) areas that you will now focus on and this becomes your new updated Brand. Chose the “treasures from the stacks that feed back into your top focus areas.

Tip: Choose those two areas that you most enjoy doing and look for ROI (Return on investment in terms of time, money and energy)

5. Commit to spending four focused hours a day on the two primary areas you’ve chosen and watch how your Personal and Business Brand starts to come alive for you as well as your new clients. It has to work as it is a Universal Law that which you focus on most will be that which shows up most in your life!

Tip: “Focused time” in this case is referred to as Marketing. The life blood and engine of your business is the marketing that you do four focused hours a day is worth more than ten hours of work with interruptions including interruptions such as email and reading e newsletters! Go ahead and read emails but NOT during your focused time.

6. Enjoy your new treasures and the wealth of new opportunities and options available to you…which all equates to attracting your ideal clients with your updated products, services and brand.

Tip: The Universe needs what you have to offer. It’s not about you, it’s about your contribution that is the issue here.

Ruth Klein is a Brand Strategist and Time Management Expert for Smart Women’s Coaching. Post your questions and comments about this article here – we want to hear from you.

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