Three Steps for Effortless Manifesting in 2021

Studies have shown that approximately 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February.  That’s not good news if you want new results this year. 

Good habits, especially ones drastically different from typical lifestyles, are hard to get started and even harder to keep. Research shows that on average, it takes approximately 66 days for a habit to become automatic. 

My hope is that these two statistics convince you that it’s time to create a new winning strategy that you can stick with once and for all.

One of the biggest problems that I find with creating goals is losing momentum.  I’ve had it happen to me too, so today, I’m sharing the 3-step process that I use personally and with my clients. 

And the best news, is that with the right step-by-step system, it won’t even be a struggle.  You might even call it fun!

So, let’s get started.

Step #1:  Create Your Goals from Soul rather than from Ego.

This is something I teach and practice, but I’ve never put it quite this way.  In fact, I picked this idea up from NYT bestselling author, Marci Shimoff, when she was on my show at the end of 2020, while launching her Year of Miracles program.

The idea of creating goals from soul is so aligned with the idea of effortless manifesting.  Let me explain. 

First of all, what does the typical New Year’s Resolution look like? 

Let’s say you want to get in better shape or lose weight because like most of us during this COVID epidemic, you may have gained some weight.  So what would the typical goal sound like?

I’d like to lose 20 pounds, right?  The problem with a goal like this is it’s coming from a place of lack or fear.  It also says, “I’m not good enough the way I am”.  In other words, the goal stinks, and is not going to motivate you.

Let’s see how this goal would look if we created from our soul?   

I’m in vibrant health and love the way I look and feel!

Ok.  Does it feel any different?  Do you feel more motivated? 

Now you may be thinking, “Ok, but what about the 20 pounds?”

Good. We will get to that, but first let’s get motivated and imagine what the end game is.  You want to lose 20 pounds, so you can feel vibrant and love the way you look, right?

If your goal is focused around money, you could say, “I want to earn $100,000 this year.”  The problem here is that you may never have done it, and this goal is probably coming from a place of fear. 

What would a soul-based goal sound like?  “Ideal clients are showing up in avalanches of abundance and hiring me with ease.”  This sounds much more inspiring, right?

Now you may be saying that these are not very specific.  Well, they actually are, because what you want is the ideal clients, and to be in vibrant health.  You don’t just want to lose 20 pounds, because you could lose 20 pounds and be very sick.  You don’t just want to earn $100,000, because you could earn that much, but it could be with clients you don’t want to work with or you could end up working like a work-aholic to get there.  I know. I’ve been there!  I promise there is a better way.

Step #2:  Super-Charge Your Goal by Making it Real.

This is so important because you must see yourself with the end result in order for it to happen.  If you can’t see yourself 20 pounds lighter living in vibrant health, or earning $100,000 while working with your ideal clients, it will be almost impossible for it to happen.

If you want to earn $100,000, see yourself with that money in the bank.  Imagine yourself walking into the bank and depositing a large check and filling out your deposit form, walking up to the teller or today, it would be driving up to the teller in your car.  But see yourself with that check.  Imagine what it looks like.  Imagine what you would be doing each day if you were working with your ideal clients. What would they look like? How would you be dressed?  How would you feel?

Let’s say you want to write a book and that’s how you are going to earn your money.  See yourself published, getting that advance check, speaking to groups, being invited to Summits on Zoom and how you would feel.  How about signing your beautiful books at a book signing!  Exciting, right?

Let’s talk about the weight.  Imagine yourself looking in the mirror and smiling, putting on a gorgeous outfit and stepping on stage with a spring in your step.  Or taking off your cover up and feeling fabulous in your new swim suit.  Feel that sun shining on your beautiful body as you walk effortlessly on the beach.

Besides inspiring and motivating yourself, what are you doing here?  You are giving your marching orders to the Universe.  You must believe that the Universe, the Divine, your higher self has your back and it does.

What this step entails is activating the Law of Attraction.  When you have a desire or a thought, you are sending your intention to the Universe.  The more clear you are the better.  The more emotion and imagination that you can engage the better.  So be sure to watch your thoughts, because thoughts are things, and what you focus on expands.

So you do not want to be focusing on anything negative.   Because that actually will end up as an order to the Universe.  Get it?

Step #3:  Create a Daily Practice to Keep You Focused and Motivated 

This last step is actually one of the most important because it will help you stay focused, motivated and inspired on what you want every single day, so you don’t lose momentum.

I recommend creating a daily practice with a checklist of what you are working on, including a daily ritual of visualization, meditation, and gratitude to keep you focused. 

We talked about how 80% of resolutions fail by the first week of February, right?  Let’s make sure you have a system or a practice that becomes a habit.  First you will want to look at your goals, and I would only pick a few. 

I create my goals in three areas:

  • Mind, Body and Spirit – these are all about you and self care!
  • Family, Friends and Fun – these are about relationships and connection
  • Money, Career and Legacy – these are how you create wealth, create security and make a difference.

Let’s start with the weight goal, ” I’m in vibrant health, and love the way I look and feel!”

What has to happen for you to reach your ideal weight, so you can feel and look great? 

  • Drinking 80 ounces of water a day
  • Exercise that you love that is right for your body
  • Eating a healthy diet that is right for your body
  • Meditating to reduce stress

You will want to go through the same process for each one of your goals.  The key is scheduling the time to do this, putting it in writing so you can focus on it, and then tracking your success.

To summarize:

  1. Create your goals from soul rather than ego
  2. Super charge your goals by making them real
  3. Create a daily practice to keep you focused and motivated

To make this easy for you, I’ve created a free course called, Unlock Your Financial Power, where you can download the worksheets to create your goals from soul, and to create your daily practice.  

This course is the same process I’ve used with my private clients for the last 10 years, so I know it works!  You can access it for free by visiting .  When you do, you will find these worksheets in Key #1 The Dream, and Key #4 The Plan.  There are 6 Keys to Unlock Your Financial Power.  I challenge you to do them all!

I hope that this will be the year you find yourself living a life of Miracles and Momentum.  I look forward to seeing you at

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