The Myth of the Solo-preneur

By Michelle Hutchinson

When I first made the decision that I was going to leave the corporate world and build my own business I thought “How hard can it really be?  So many are doing it and making money.”  My reality was quickly shattered when I realized everything that had to go into this venture.  So when I found Katana and Smart Women’s Coaching® I was relieved.  Here was someone who could help me.

Some of you may know this story but in the beginning I was Katana’s client.  She was helping me build a business around training and efficiency, which is my specialty.  It only took about 4 sessions together to realize that we would make a bigger impact if we partnered our skills. 

Katana refers to this as Front Stage/Back Stage.  We both have our areas where our skills are strong and areas where our skills are a little lack.  So partnering really made sense.  In fact, this concept of Front Stage/Back Stage is the exact process she used to create a million dollar business that ran without her, so she could retire at 48 to create the Smart Women’s Coaching Programs®.

So when I hear the word Solo-preneur I want to laugh.  This word should not exist.  You can’t do it alone.  Let me repeat that…You cannot do it alone.  There is so much to do with marketing, branding, attracting clients, and all the social media to name a few.  Then there’s product creation and scheduling clients, teleseminars, Webinars….the list goes on.

And what about your mind-set?  Who is there for you when you feel overwhelmed and can’t go on?  Some of you may have spouses and friends that can help but they may not even understand what you’re going through.  Ahhhhh

I don’t want to scare anyone – in fact what I aim to do is encourage you.  Your decision to be an entrepreneur is an admirable one.  You have a dream and you’re going for it and that should be commended.  You’re an inspiration to others and building a path for future generations to follow in your footsteps.  Good for you!

You’re an inspiration to others and building a path for future generations to follow in your footsteps.

My point is that if you consider yourself a “solopreneur” then stop.   Find someone who compliments what you offer and build a partnership.  For many coaches and entrepreneurs they have an ongoing stream of ideas and dreams but no one to carry them out.  In that case you may need a VA or consider partnering with someone who has the skills that you lack.

You may be thinking ‘but I can’t afford that right now’, then I ask you to do this exercise:

  1. Go through a typical day or week and keep track of what you’re doing.
  2. Categorize the activities by “Tasks that I’m good at that make me money” and “Tasks that drain my energy and do not make me money”
  3. Take the second draining category and multiply that time by what you charge.
  4. This amount will tell you how much of your valuable time is wasted doing things that you do not enjoy and do not bring money into your business.

Example: 2 hours a day x 5 days a week = 10 hours a week wasted x $125 a hour = $1250 a week in wasted hours.  Do you think you can find someone to work for 10 hours for less than $1250 a week?

You may be surprised that there are people out there who enjoy doing the things that you don’t like.  And you may find that there are people out there who quiver at the thought of doing the things that you love.  That’s exactly what Katana and I found.  Some of the things that she enjoys doing, simply drains my energy thinking about them, let alone doing them.  In return I have taken over many of the tasks that drain her energy.  It’s a total win/win and we love it!

So reach out to others.  Find a network of people either locally or globally for support.  There are many Facebook groups and organizations that connect people.  To name just a few, check out the iCoach Network, and SheNowOrg.

And of course there’s Smart Women’s Coaching.  We love to promote and help others succeed so if you’re not currently receiving our ezines please sign up at , be part of our Smart Women movement and share this with your friends.

Please do not give up your dreams.  In the very successful book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill he says “Temporary defeat is not permanent failure.  It may only mean that your plan wasn’t sound.  Build other plans and start over again.”

When you’re done figuring out what doesn’t work the next logical step is figuring out what does.  Good luck to you and keep dreaming!









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