The 5 Secrets of Energy and Money: #3 – Energy Zappers


“The world you live in is the exact record of your thoughts. If you do not like the world you live in, then you do not like your thoughts. An uplifted mind is a magnet for all good things of the universe to hasten to you. Whereas, a depressed, anxious, critical, resentful state of mind becomes a magnet for trouble to fly to you. The choice is up to you. ~ Catherine Ponder, from The Millionaire Joshua: His Prosperity Secrets for You! (Millionaires of the Bible)

There are all kinds of money energy zappers, from scarcity beliefs and lack perspectives to downright fear. Today I’m going to write about one that doesn’t always get our attention: Forgiveness.

Everything is energy, and the main purpose of the work I do with my clients, whether in my coaching or my shamanic practice is how to have peace of mind. A multitude of studies confirm that negative thoughts, feelings, words, and behaviors affect our mental and physical health, our success, our self-worth, and ultimately our ability to create prosperity.

Carrying a grudge completely blocks our peace of mind. An unwillingness to forgive is like shooting ourselves and expecting the person who did us wrong to feel the pain! Forgiveness is not something we do for the other person; it’s what we do for ourselves.

Clearing your self of any low-frequency energy through forgiveness makes room for the good you desire. It creates a vacuum in which the universe can place what it has to offer. Refusing to forgive is hanging on to self-defeating feelings such as guilt, shame, blame, hurt, and resentment.

Just as limiting beliefs block the flow of prosperity to you, anything that is in the way of feeling worthy of receiving will keep you from receiving the best the universe has to offer.

On your spiritual path toward prosperity, it is necessary to come to a place of forgiveness that’s so deep, full, and complete that no low-frequency energy at all will remain with you.

Many people talk about the concept of forgiveness, but most have not actually done it. Usually, there is still blame, judgment, condemnation, etc. What that says is that we want to be more forgiven than we forgive others.

In truth, no one can hurt us unless we allow them to hurt us. No one can do to us what we are not already doing to ourselves.

For example, let’s say you are feeling hurt and sad that someone stole from you. The natural tendency is to blame someone or something, instead of asking sincerely, “How am I stealing from myself?

The energy you use to point fingers, gossip, blame, accuse, and justify your position will begin to affect you and everyone around you. That energy quickly begins to steal from others.

Instead, reframe your story. Even though this might seem extremely difficult in some terrible situations, it is possible. It’s more comforting to take on the role of victim. However, at some point, your victimization becomes an enormous energy drain for others, not to mention yourself.

In creating a new story, look at what happened and then search for the benefits you received as a result of what you had to go through. What did you learn? How did you grow? Who did you become as a result — in a good way?

If you are reading this, you are on a spiritual path. You came onto this planet as a person with a purpose. Telling the story of the victim keeps you from being brilliant. Instead of feeling abused by power, reclaim it. And the first step is to forgive.

What new story do you want to create so you can have forgiveness and peace of mind and open your energy to the abundant flow from the universe?

Marilyn Schwader

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