The 5 Secrets of Energy and Money: #2 – The Energy of Intention

Last week, I wrote about the first of the 5 Secrets of Energy and Money, The Energy of Purpose. This week I’m writing about the Energy of Intention.

Money in any amount, spent on anything, acts as a carrier of energy and intent.

In my first attempt at writing this article, I began by trying to define intention. Struggling with the writing, I took a break and read a passage in the amazing book, The Soul of Money: Reclaiming the Wealth of Our Inner Resources by Lynne Twist, a veteran global activist and fundraiser for The Hunger Project. Her book is an inspiring and wise perspective on the connection between money and a fulfilling life.

She shares the story of a woman from Harlem, barely above the poverty level herself, contributing $50 to the poor and hungry. As the woman gave her the money, she said to Twist, money is a lot like water. For some folks it rushes through their life like a raging river. Money comes through my life like a little trickle. But I want to pass it on in a way that does the most good for the most folks. I see that as my right and as my responsibility. It’s also my joy.

Earlier in the day she had received a check for $50,000 from a corporation, the largest she had ever received. But it had been a public relations ploy, a way to raise their image. It did not come from a place of joy. The $50 meant more to Twist, because of the intention behind the giving. She ended up sending the large check back to the CEO, explaining that she wanted commitment to end hunger from those who contributed. It was a powerful lesson.

How you choose to spend or give your money carries the intention of your soul energy. If you hoard and save in fear that there isn’t and never will be enough, or you fear losing what you have, when the flow of money goes out from you, as it will in some form, it will carry that energy with it.

If you appreciate and recognize that you have what you need or more than you need, and focus on money as an expression of gratitude and purpose, it will carry that intention with it.

Do you know the flow of money in your life? How does it come in, and where does it go out? When you look at the way money flows through your life, you can see where you are in your relationship with it.

If you aren’t sure of your priorities in life, or you want to take a closer look at who you are and what you care about, look at your checkbook, your credit card bills, or your bank statement.

Does your money come at a cost, or does it come with joy and ease? Does it come in ways that fill you, or deplete you? On the other side of the flow, do you consciously choose ways to spend it, paying attention to its impact on other people or the environment?

When you look at your relationship with money, look with no blame. Witness how it comes to you, and how you spend it, save it, invest it, or give it away. In this examination, you will see the flow as a reflection of your values. If it is not a fit with who you think you are, then change it. Without judgment of good or bad, knowing the flow will give you the ability to make conscious choices to align your spending with your highest self.

Then put THAT intention into every interaction with money. It takes courage to redirect the flow, but each time you do, you invest in the world as you envision it.

If your intention is to lift and empower, invest in ways that nourish yours and others inner lives. If your intention is to support the well-being of our children and communities, spend money on companies whose products and people support that intent.

The experience of true wealth comes from sharing. Return to the soul of money as a carrier of your intentions, as energy, as a currency of love for the nourishment of those things you care most about.

Imbue your money with the energy of your soul as you send it out into the world. Be conscious of what you are spending it on. When you are engaged soulfully and authentically, the commitments you make with money can and do nourish the world.

Marilyn Schwader


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