Taking the LEAP

Every morning, along with our Smart Women Daily Inspirational Quotes by Women,  I get these great Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe“.

Here is the one I received a few days ago:

“Should you ever find yourself on your path, moving along in spite of fear, wondering if you’re ready or not to rise to the next level, chances are great that you will not be ready.”

Are we ever really ready?  Wouldn’t it be better to wait until it’s perfect?

the leap

All of us have been there, that time in our life when we were being called to step into our greatness; to leave that job, to release that relationship, to take that new position, give a speech, write that book. I call it taking the LEAP.

What exactly is the leap?  The leap is when  you make the decision.  That’s it.  You just say, “Ok, I am doing this thing.”  And here is the secret.  You don’t have to know how yet.  The how comes in the “Plan”.  And yes, you LEAP before you Plan.  The LEAP is simply making the declaration that  you are doing something new.

It’s a pivotal moment, because as soon as you do this, several things happen:

  • First you active the Law of Attraction, because you are sending your desire out into the Universe and then the magic begins.
    • Opportunities start coming your way to make it easier.
    • People start showing up to help you on your path.
    • Next,  you go into major fear, because your subconscious or your ego chimes in with, “What are you doing?  Are you crazy?  Let’s do this later?  I’m not ready!

This pivotal moment in time is when you need to have support — someone to help hold you accountable, who can show you the way.  It’s when you will need your cheer leaders to cheer you on, saying, “You can do it! We believe in You!”

This is when you must simply trust that you are on a Divine mission to fulfill your higher calling.  You don’t need it to be perfect.  You simply need to step through that door.  When you do, what do you think you will find on the other side?  You will find your power.  Your personal power.

Why is the LEAP important?  Every time we take the LEAP, even if we fall, we learn and grow.  We get closer to our goal.

So what is your LEAP?  What is your dream?  Don’t keep your music inside of you.  You have come here for a purpose.  Understand, you will probably never be completely ready to LEAP…and that’s okay…because it’s all part of the process.

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