Stepping Out and Showing Up!

Camilla Kavanagh, Katana Abbott, Maggie Allesee, Gail Gotthelf, Susanne Forbes-Dicker at the Women’s Division of Project Hope Holiday Luncheon at Oakland Hills Country Club

Earlier this month, I attended the Women’s Division of Project Hope’s Annual Holiday Luncheon at Oakland Hills Country Club in Birmingham, Michigan.  This is a very important organization that has raised over $500,000 for Project Hope, which provides humanitarian and disaster relief all over the globe.

These ladies inspire me with their love and generosity as well as the way they support each other.  Maggie Allesee and Sue Nine were the co-chairs of this year’s event, and they didn’t miss a beat. The food was great, the vendors had beautiful displays for holiday shopping, but most importantly, I enjoyed the amazing women.

Many of the women at the event were in their 80s and 90s, and they continue to show up with a smile, looking beautiful and ready to contribute.  For example, Camilla Kavanagh, (pictured above) just turned 99, and she was there too, full of joy.  I cannot wait to celebrate Camilla’s 100th birthday next year. Read about her secret to living with purpose and passion in this short interview I did with her in October.

This time between Thanksgiving and the New Year is my favorite.  It’s a chance to give back, enjoy our friends and loved ones, and to express gratitude.

Please be sure to listen to the great show with Joan Sotkin.  Her wisdom about creating a Prosperity Mindset was brilliant.  Remember, “Prosperity” is much more than money or being rich.   True prosperity includes health, wealth, and happiness.  We certainly need all three to be truly prosperous!

Here are a few of her pearls of wisdom:

Joan says, “It’s not our beliefs, but our emotions that keep us stuck.” and Underearning comes from these emotions:
* Feeling alone
* Feeling shame
* Feeling trapped
* Feeling deprived
* Feeling anger

Joan’s secret four step process for creating new empowering beliefs and habits:
* Recognize – feel it in your body
* Release it
* Replace it with something you want
* Repeat

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