Smart Money Tip #3: Leverage Credit Cards for Smart Travel

What is it that happens to most of us when we travel?   We us that credit card, we book our trip, our airline ticket, we go shopping, and when we come home, we have this big old credit card bill to pay off. How horrible.  So let me show you how to not have that happen.  Today’s tip is smart use of credit cards when you travel.

My husband and I love to travel and we have a Marriott card.  Because we try to stay at Marriott when we travel, I have built up 48,000 points on this card.  When my girlfriend had invited us to come spend New Year’s Eve there and I thought, “Wonderful”!  There is this Ritz Carleton resort there featuring the Tiburon Golf Course and free access to their beach resort as well.  It’s simply unbelievable.  My husband could golf and I could enjoy the beach — $450 per night.

Well, it was 48,000 points on my Marriott card for a free night – so one of our nights was free.  Now just because he asked, my husband found out that they had an offer for another 50,000 points just by opening up a new Marriott MasterCard and it paid for our second night.

  • You always want to ask and look for these special opportunities.
  • The hotel then went from $900 to free.

Next, we used the Delta American Express Card for our airline tickets which were $780 and this gave us free bags saving us $30 each way for four bags, because he was taking his golf clubs.


  • This saved us $120.
  • Plus we had 12,000 points on the Delta/Amex Card.  That took $130 off the airline tickets.

Now our trip that would have been $1860 was now down to just $630. So how about that $630, how do we get that paid for?

  • Well, we have an American Express Blue Cash Card and get up to 6% back on all our gas, groceries, and pharmacy purchases and we spend a lot on that, so we accumulate around $100-125 per month.
  • Right now, we have 1200 points on that card which can be redeemed for cash.
  • By Christmas time or New Years, we will have between $1600 – 1800.
  • We will redeem that.  They will mail us a check that pays off that $630 balance
  • Plus we will have $1000 cash to take down there, stay with our friends and to really enjoy on that trip — especially while at the Ritz Carleton — can do some shopping there.

So that’s this week’s Smart Money Tip.  It’s important to learn how to be really smart about how you use those credit cards.  All these Smart Money Tips will be listed here in the blog so be sure to share with your friends!  Have a wonderful week and live with purpose, passion and prosperity!

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