Simplify, Focus and Eliminate Those Loose Ends

roses-1229148_640Last weekend, my husband and I finally buried my mother’s ashes in the rose garden I created for her the summer after her death in 2010.  All this time, her ashes have been stored in my china cabinet and for some reason, I had never ‘buried her’.

This spring, I noticed that the yellow rose bush I had planted in her honor had died.  The garden center said that the yellow roses are not as hardy as other colors and that this is common.  I took it as a sign that it was time to take care of this loose end.

We found a gorgeous rose bush and placed her ashes at the base.  As the roots grow, my mother’s ashes will merge with this gorgeous rose bush.  Did I say my mother’s name is Rose?  It felt good completing this project.  There was closure and a sense of peace.

Where in your life are you experiencing loose ends – things left undone or incomplete?  If you are like many creative people – and I am one of them – you may be full of ideas, a great multi-tasker – with many projects going on at one time.

This kind of behavior creates an adrenaline rush and it can be very addictive.  If you find yourself pushing deadlines to the last minute, running late, taking risks, you may actually be addicted to the adrenaline rush and not even be aware of it.  It’s like a caffeine rush and it can become very exhausting, create overwhelm, drain your confidence and ultimately destroy your health.

In 2013, my motto became “Do Less and Enjoy More”.  Below is the process I used to stay focused and confident.  Consider taking out a sheet of paper or your journal and follow these steps below:

  1. Get a clear vision:  What’s really important to you in your life, your family and with your soul?  What really brings you joy and makes you jump out of bed in the morning?  Not that adrenaline high, but the joy that comes from being present and feeling gratitude for everything in your life.
  2. Take a look at where your life needs attention:  Take a look at your health, your money situation, your relationship with your family, your friends, how you show up in the world and how you are caring for yourself.  What is draining your energy, your confidence and your happiness? What are you tolerating that is no longer serving you?  What would you like to release, heal, change, shift?
  3. Eliminate:  Look at everything on your plate and eliminating everything on the list that doesn’t even matter.  What can you release – get rid of and simply let go of.  This could be huge and simple.  How many things do we have on our list that simply don’t matter, have any real benefit?  Maybe it’s just a habit.   This could also be stuff or people that we can simply release from our lives.
  4. Delegate:  Are there things that you can ask someone else to do like cleaning the house, running errands, or work that you aren’t good at and could outsource to someone who loves it?
  5. Prioritize:  You should now have a shorter list. Take a look at what’s left and prioritize in two areas.
    1.  What are the things that bring you the most joy and that make you the most money?  Now focus on these first.  It will increase your energy and income immediately.  You want to focus 80% of your time on this area.
    2. What are the things that are simply loose ends, unfinished projects, organizing, filing, bookkeeping, thank you notes, or just simplifying and creating systems.  Schedule specific days to take care of these items.

If you would like help with getting clear on your vision and purpose, empower your relationship with money, build your confidence and clarity by creating systems to simplify your life and your business, feel free to book an initial Prosperity Coaching session with me.  The first one is FREE so you can see what the process is like!

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