Secret of Speaking In Sound Bites for Women in Business



I just finished interviewing Media Coach, Susan Harrow, on Smart Women Talk Radio with Co-host, Vicky Trabosh, and want to share a few tips to help women in business with making more money. Her secret formula to being remembered is Speaking in Sound Bites for Women.

On today’s show, Susan shared secrets from her new book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul and we discussed how to:

  • Speak with confidence, clarity and calm
  • Be taken seriously and respected
  • Enjoy lively banter while getting what you want

Sound bites simply allow us to speak succinctly and clearly so our message will be easy to understand and memorable.Susan suggests creating the following:

  • Short stories keep these short and sweet and under 30 seconds if possible
  • Facts use facts to create credibility (your experience, credentials, successes)
  • Statistics that support your platform or message
  • Acronyms use when possible since these are memorable

There are several more, but the secret is taking the time to create this material and then practicing until it becomes natural and rolls off your tongue effortlessly.

Practice makes perfect.Susan suggests practicing the above with a partner or buddy.Speaking out loud is how we discover ourselves she states.Compare this to reading poetry silently vs. out loud.Test yourself in front of the video camera to see how you look and how you do under pressure.

To listen to this entire interview, click here.You can listen via your computer or sign up to receive all our shows on iTunes!

Also, visit Susan’s site at to sign up for her free sound bite audio ecourse. Share you are the sound bites that you have created for your platform in the comments section below!

With gratitude,

Katana Abbott, CFP, CSA
Founder and Prosperity Coach
Katana Abbott Consulting PLLC

P.S. Don’t miss our show next week, when we will be interviewing Kristen Moeller, author of“Waiting for Jack – Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie: How to Stoop Waiting & Start Living Your Life”

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