Saying Goodbye to the Past

Ringing in 2017 with Colleen Rivamonte and Shelly O'Brien at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra "Purple Rain" concert with the music of Prince
Ringing in 2017 with Colleen Rivamonte and Shelly O’Brien at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra “Purple Rain” concert with the music of Prince

I hope you had a wonderful New Year Celebration last weekend!  I was so excited to celebrate with the DSO and the music of Prince.  It was a fantastic evening and one I won’t soon forget. We lost so many amazing people in 2016 and it was wonderful to celebrate a musical legend. This is one of my favorite holidays and a chance for a new beginning.

For many 2016 has been a difficult year personally, as a country and as a global community.  Let’s take this time to create the intention for 2017 to be a year of healing, joy and prosperity.  I truly believe we attract what we focus on, so let’s schedule some time to review last year with this three step process:

  • RELEASE WHAT NO LONGER SERVES:  Make a list of all the things you want to release, forgive and leave behind.  Joel Olsteen gave a great talk about this the other day.  Very inspirational. Focusing on what went wrong, who hurt you or regrets that will not serve you, but only drag you down. Simply move on so there is room for what you truly want and deserve.
  • EXPRESS GRATITUDE :  Now make a list of everything that went well and everything that you are grateful for — no matter how small.  This will raise your vibration and move you into a state of joy, which is a fabulous place to create and operate at your full potential.
  • CREATE A THEME FOR 2017:  My theme last year was “simplicity”.  My theme for 2017 is “completion and focus”.  I have several wonderful projects that are so close to completion.  I know I cannot do these projects alone, so I have assembled my team and am excited to see the results. Your theme should be one or two words and keep these words where you can see them daily.

If you need help creating your vision for 2017,  get clear on your goals or setting up the systems and team to pull it together, please feel free to connect with me.  This is truly my passion!

I can also help you with working through adversity, getting your finances organized, helping you and your parents with aging/caregiving and everything that entails.  My experience and credentials make me uniquely qualified in these areas.

I even created a program called The Designated Daughter® – Smart Choices for Caregivers and Seniors.  Many of us are either the designated daughter or we may need a designated daughter.

So if you want to talk through some of these things, please reach out to me at and schedule a 30 minute complementary consultation.  I would love to hear from you!

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