Are You Ready to Retire Happy, Wild and Free?

I just finished the book called, “How to Retire Happy, Wild and Free.” In this book, Zelinski suggests retiring as soon as possible while you are still young and healthy and then finding ways to enjoy your retirement more by discovering your life purpose, pursuing hobbies and enriching your life. If you do work part-time in retirement, he suggests doing something that you love regardless of the pay. 

chairs-on-beach-300x202While his book is focused on how to enjoy your retirement more, I have been inspired to use some of his suggestions for women in midlife who are still working but feel that they are really ready to write that next chapter of their lives. I have found that often when a woman has reached 40-50, if she has not found something that she is passionate about in her career; it begins to affect her entire life. Imagine what it would be like if you could create the ideal life of your dreams working at something that you love.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you crazy about your job?
  • Do you wake up excited every day — passionate about your life?
  • If money and time were no issue, would you still be doing what you are doing?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you may be ready for a major change. Zelinski states, “A few individuals are lucky enough to have had their career work and some passionate pursuit be one and the same. Thus, they can continue happily working part-time in their field well past retirement, without having to discover their true calling. Unfortunately, this is not true for most of us.”

Whether you are looking to retire early, change careers, start your own business or just want to make your life more interesting, consider doing some soul searching or assessments to discover your true passion in life.

There was a point in my life when I was working in a regular job, working 60 hours a week, day after day doing the same thing over and over. I hated it. I used to wake up and look at my husband and say, “Gotta make the donuts.” I cannot imagine living that way again.

How many of these statements reflect the way you feel right now about your work?

  • I hate going to work and cannot wait to retire
  • I spend everything I make and refuse to look at my investment statements.
  • I hardly ever take a vacation. When I do, it takes me a long time to relax.
  • I have no hobbies or interests outside work.
  • I have no time for exercise or taking care of myself.
  • Most of my best friends are from work and I don’t even like them that much!
  • Most of my social functions are work related.
  • I am proud to be a workaholic even though I know I am not that productive
  • When I am home, I am restless or exhausted and can’t even imagine starting a hobby.
  • I have a book in me that I would love to write some day, but know that I will never have the time.

If your work is running your life, consider the idea of reinventing your life to one filled with passion–where you can wake up every morning excited to start the day! It is possible, but it will take some work on your part to make it happen.

Life is too short to live without passion and purpose. I have seen too many individuals work right up to 60 or 65 only to discover that their health is gone and with it–their dreams. One of my neighbors had been working overtime, six days a week, to maximize his pension. He was going to retire at 60 only he never made it—he died of a heart attack while driving home from work. He and his wife had a financial plan and she will be fine financially, but what good is a bunch of money if your dreams are crushed? Could he have retired 10 years earlier; could he have found something else to do for the last 10 years that was good for his health — that he loved doing and perhaps could do for the next 20 years if he chose? I believe the answer is “yes”.

Since it is very difficult to spend your last nickel with your last breath, it’s important to have a plan. I love the idea of retiring as soon as possible to pursue your passion and even earning an income from this passion! I have discovered this secret for myself and am in the process of creating multiple streams of passive income.

Begin to envision your ideal life…what would you do for free…what gets you excited and how would you like to spend the rest of your life? Journal about this and write down what would have to happen in your life to make this a reality.

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