Prosperity or Riches?: That is the Question!

How is prosperity different than being rich? We are all very aware of people in the world who have more money than they will ever need, but they just can’t find happiness. In the media you see famous stars who are turning to drugs, alcohol, risky lifestyles, and some even leave this world much too early. Others are workaholics who make no time for family, friends, or self-care and end up ruining their health, so again, the money means nothing.

To be truly prosperous, one needs health, wealth and happiness; prosperity includes all three.

Think about the story, A Christmas Carol.  Scrooge was rich, but he was a miserable human being. The Ghost of Christmas Present, however, embodied prosperity! Think about your own life for a moment. What are you focused on? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Are you making time for yourself? Do you wake up each day in gratitude?  Are you present — living in the moment  — free of fear, resentment, or regret?  True prosperity incorporates money, with mind, body and spirit. It’s kind of exciting when you think about it!

I remember sitting with a long-time friend who has been a financial advisor for over 30 years.  Her clients were aging, and many were telling her how she had done such a great job helping them create more than enough wealth for their retirement, but it meant nothing to them because they were either very sick or had no one to share it with because they were now alone.  These folks might have felt wealthy, but not prosperous, because something was missing.

Money is neutral. It’s what we do with it and how we live our lives that creates a life worth living. This means addressing both the inner and outer work of wealth, so you can stay inspired and know what to focused on to live with health, wealth, and happiness.

This month’s Smart Women Talk Radio guests will share how to develop your prosperity mindset and stand in your financial power. You will learn so many smart tips from these brilliant women, Maddy Dychtwald and Cyndie Silbert.  Remember, if you can’t join us live, you can always listen on-demand on your favorite platform such as iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio and so many more places.  Come join us and live with purpose, passion, and prosperity!


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