Plan Ahead When Traveling

plane-50893_640I am taking a much needed vacation for almost three weeks in Florianopolis, Brazil! It’s a gorgeous island near Rio De Jeniero. I had no idea how gorgeouos this place is. Watch for my videos and photos, that I will be posting in our new free community at the Smart Women’s Cafe and create your free member profile so you can connect and access all our free resources. I love Latin America and have been to Costa Rica five times, although, I have never been to Brazil. Let me tell you it’s absolutely a paradise here!

In planning for my trip to Brazil this month, I made sure that my airline ticket included both trip delay insurance, as well as baggage delay insurance. When travelling outside the country, it’s extremely important to plan ahead and pay the fee for the extra insurance.

Originally, my trip was scheduled for July. I had to reschedule my trip because my daughter became ill. The trip delay insurance I purchased, allowed me to reschedule my trip several weeks later. When I went to rebook the ticket for August, I found out it would cost me an additional $1400 because the tickets had increased in price above the $250 exchange fee! I ended up going a day earlier so it was just $950 more. The insurance company is reimbursing me up to 100% of the original ticket price which was $958 via

It’s funny, we all hate to pay for insurance premiums, but in this case, it was a blessing! Watch for my next post to hear about the rest of my trip to Brazil!

Do you have a good travel insurance story?

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