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I feel so grateful to be married to the man of my dreams for 31 years. Although we’re as strong as ever, it has taken a lot of work to stay married this long.

In the early years, we disagreed on how to raise our daughters, about money, and all kinds of things. Over the years, we watched as many of our dear friends divorced and started over.  The secret for us was never giving up, getting help from a family counselor, and understanding our Money Personalities.

According to a 2015 survey by SunTrust Bank, “Finances are the leading cause of stress in a relationship. Some 35 percent of all respondents experiencing relationship stress said money was the primary cause of the friction.”

I began my work on Money Personalities in 2012 and there are five of them: Security, Love, Value, Recognition, and Status.  I’ve taken hundreds of women through my Money Personality Breakthrough Process over the years with amazing results.

Several years ago, I sat down with my husband and we went through the process together.  We found out that he was a Security personality and I was Recognition.

No wonder we argued about money — we were total opposites.  However, the transformation was when we understood that we were actually perfect for each other — a perfect balance!

I remember Mark saying, “If only we had known this earlier, our life could have been so much better!”  My answer was, “No, it was perfect.  You can never change the past — just learn from it.”  Since that time, our whole relationship has shifted.

If you are interested in learning more about your money personality and how your dis-empowering beliefs, if left unchecked, could be sabotaging your choices, then I invite you to watch a video interview I did with Mary Ann Robats during the Accelerated Freedom Summit.

In the video, I walk through the Five Money Personalities and the process I use to help women identify and release their dis-empowering money beliefs.  It’s a powerful experience. Then if you feel that you want to go deeper, you can connect with me at to schedule time to learn about yours, or even scheduling a couples session!

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