Money is Energy – Pay attention to it!

My nail technician, Kahi, is an entrepreneur and an extremely smart money guy. One day, Kahi and I discussed how hard it is for many people to save money, so they end up living paycheck-to-paycheck and having to put expenses on credit cards.

Kahi and his wife love to travel, but they also don’t want to be in debt because of it. I asked Kahi how he can have the best of both worlds – travel with no debt.

Below is Kahi’s two-step process for traveling debt-free:

  1. Always use coupons for places like restaurants, discount cards for pharmacies, and clip coupons from the Sunday paper before going to the grocery store.
  2. Take the money you save from this – for example, 50¢ from the pharmacy and $25 from the grocery store – and physically put this money into a “piggy bank.”  This way, the money is saved for a purpose.

The last time Kahi and his wife broke open the “piggy bank,” it was for their trip to Vietnam. They had saved $3,000. I say “piggy bank” lightly, because Kahi’s builds his “piggy bank” out of wood with nails, so to get at the money they need a saw! They make a big deal out of it and have some fun.

He says that he also has a Roth IRA account and saves an additional $20 every week from his tips to do something special.  Last Christmas, he had saved over $1,000, so he used this money to purchase toys for the local children’s hospital. You can see that Kahi not only has a beautiful smile and a loving heart, but he is also making smart money choices.

“How we do money is how we do everything.”

~Kendall Summerhawk, Business Coach

How do you treat your money?  Do you respect and appreciate it?  Do you keep your wallet organized, save your change and put it in a “piggy bank,” and track your reward points from your credit cards?

My husband and I make it a point to watch our money every single day.  The more you pay attention to money, the more of it you attract to yourself.  I dare you to test this and see what happens.  I have been using a tracking form since the first of the year.  Each day, I track my income, my husband’s income, and all income of any kind that comes into our possession.

In addition, I set income goals for myself and reevaluate them quarterly.  It’s amazing what happens when you focus on money and appreciate and respect it.  My friend says she started doing this in January, and since then, her income has doubled.

I also encourage you to print out the attached Money Tracking Sheets.  Keep them on your desk and record any money that comes your way. Be sure to do this every day!  At the end of the month, add up your total and start the next month.

Since we started tracking our money, my husband found a $20 at the garbage can, and I received a letter from the Michigan Treasury informing me that I had $4,800 in unclaimed money. I want you to track all your income and tell me what happens.

Jack Canfield and Jim Carey use this other money secret.  Write a check to yourself for the amount of money that you want to manifest in the next 30 days.  Put the check where you can see it every day and see what happens.  I’d love to hear what happens.

I know that some people think that talking about money is not spiritual, but that is so untrue.  Money is energy, and the more you have, the more you can give and the bigger difference you can make in the world.

Here’s your July money assignment:

  • Start paying attention to money … remember money is energy, and it likes to be paid attention to!
  • See how much you can save … and put those dollars into a savings account or “piggy bank” as Kahi says!
  • Print out the Money Tracking Sheets and track your money every day.
  • Set an income goal for the next 30 days.  Write out the check to yourself and put it up where you can see it every day.

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