Making Time for Fun is No Accident!

Last week, I invited you to begin thinking about ways you could add some more fun to your life.  Did you create your “Fun List” yet?  Remember, we get what we focus on, so begin to focus on more Fun!

Let’s assume you have your fun list.  The question then becomes, how do you make time for all of this fun, especially when our lives are already so busy?

First of all, I want to emphasize the importance of including Fun into your life every day.  How often do you spend your day operating from a state of auto pilot, that you totally miss out on even the simple pleasures of life?

One of the easiest ways to “find more time for fun” is to simply learn how to be present or in the moment.  Science shows that we spend 95% of our time operating from our subconscious mind, or from a state of auto pilot, and only 5% in our conscious mind.  I remember driving my car while talking on the phone one time, only to find that I had missed my exit miles and miles back and I had no idea where I even was anymore.  I’ll bet you have had a similar experience.  I certainly wasn’t driving consciously.

Secret #1:  Spend more time in your Conscious State of Mind:

  • By simply learning how to become conscious or present, you will expand time simply because you will be able to enjoy more of it.  For example, when you are walking, sitting in a meeting or or at your computer, simply notice your breathing and your body.  Notice what is going on around you.  Notice smells, sounds, and sights.  Stop day dreaming and stay in your body.  Starting your day out with meditation or yoga or a simple walk where  you are really conscious can really help you become more mindful for the rest of the day.

Secret #2:  Find ways to Combine Activities:

  • When you look at your Fun List, identify ways to combine activities like fitness, family, friends, hobbies, travel, freedom and even work.  I call this system the Perfect Life Filter and here is an example:  I need to exercise and I love going to yoga, so I could invite my daughter or a friend to join me for yoga.  This way, I can spend time with my loved ones and also create time for self care.  One of my favorite ways I have combined my Fun List is by leading my Costa Rica Retreat which allows me to travel and experience adventure, yoga, nature, spirituality, fresh tropical fruits and to play with my friends and clients all in a tropical paradise.  How can you do this for yourself with your list?

Secret #3:  Take out your Calendar and Schedule It:

  • I once read a story about filling up a big jar with these containers of water, sand and rocks.  If you don’t do the process in the right order, all three items won’t fit.  The secret is starting with the “big rocks”, then sand, and finally the water.  His analogy of the adding the Big Rocks first has to do with planning your most important events first and this is the time for self care, loved ones and fun.  I use a similar process in my Perfect Life Time System which is a time system I have used for 10 years made up of Perfect Days, Prep Days and Power Days.  In my system, I suggest planning all your Perfect Days first because these are the days that will keep you rejuvenated, healthy and happy.  They are the days you are focused on self care, family and fun.

So have Fun with this process.  Stay mindful, combine your fun activities and be sure to schedule your perfect days and big rocks!  Enjoy!


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