Living With Purpose While Making a Difference

What are you doing to live with more purpose, passion and prosperity and how can you tie this into making a difference in the world that you live in? Good question, eh? Well, this must just be part of my DNA, because ever since I was a small child, I have been doing some sort of fundraising, helping the less fortunate and following my passion.

Learning to give back: As a y0ung girl, I attended a four room parochial school where we were constantly asked to go door to door selling things like Texas fruit cakes, boxes of Florida oranges, candy and even zip code books. My mother was the mastermind behind all of this. When we were asked to sell zip code books, for example, my mother took me to each of the local businesses in town, and had me introduce myself as, “Wiley Galbraith’s granddaughter.” My grandfather was the manager of the local bank in town, so this carried a lot of clout. Also, since businesses new they would soon need to be using zip codes, I ended up selling more than everyone else in the school combined. I still remember getting up on the stage to collect first prize which was a clock radio! This was back in the early 70s, so a clock radio was very cool.

School of lifelong learning: In addition to selling things, I also went door to door every holiday collecting “holiday dollars” for the poor and the needy. I was like the “Kirby Vacuum Salesperson”. My mom would drop my friend Brenda and me off at one end of the street and allow us to canvas the entire street with my brothers doing the opposite side of the street. This was during a Michigan winter where it was dark, cold and snowy. I had lots of doors shut in my face, many who would peek out and not even answer the door, but many more who gladly gave me a dollar. In fact, one man actually gave me a $20 bill once! This one experience had a huge impace on my future confidence when I really needed to “stretch”. For years, I would come back to the church with at least $100 for the evening’s work. This is just one way that I learned to make a difference as a child.

Volunteering: Another way was after church on Saturday (I was raised Seventh Day Adventist) we would go to nursing homes or to visit “shut-ins”. Shut-ins were normally members of the church who did not have family and were unable to get out of the house anymore. For years, I remember going to visit Nettie Harp, Mrs. Little and Fidelle offering to help them with chores like cleaning house, gardening, laundry and cooking.

What does all of this have to do with Living on Purpose while Making a Difference? For me it has everything to do with it. All my early childhood experiences have given me the tools to do what I need to accomplish during this lifetime–My Life Mission. It’s just up to me to take those experiences and take action today.

What I learned as a child:

  • helped me strive to do my best
  • gave me the confidence to take risks
  • to handle rejection
  • and to enjoy helping others.

In all my jobs, I tied these experiences and passions of helping others and making a difference into my work. I believe this is what helped me to become successful, and also helped me to move on to the next level when the time was right.

Living with Purpose and Passion means you are living authentically within your values system. When you can tie your values and passions into the way you generate income you not only will enjoy your work much more, but most of the time, you will end up earning more money because the energy you are sending out will be very positive, and in return, you will attract abundance back into your life.

What are you doing in your life today that allows you to live with passion, follow your purpose, attract abundance while giving back? Let me give you some examples:

  • Help someone else and by utilizing a long lost hobby: (My mother is an artist, and had stopped painting after being diagnosed with dementia…I used to paint 25 years ago before my daughters were born.) I started painting with her on Sundays at my home, and guess what? I found I was a wonderful artist too and I found absolute join in painting AND spending more time with my mom. I found my passion, by helping her!

    My first painting with mom!
    My first painting with mom!
  • Find out how to tie your passion into what you do for a living: After 20 years as a Certified Financial Planner, I felt a tugging to create new programs for women in transition, but was hampered by compliance and SEC regulations. I was able to walk through my fear of “losing my financial security” to start Smart Women’s Coaching where I could write, create and lead programs specifically for helping women live with more purpose, passion AND prosperity. As a financial planner, I could only help people who were already wealthy…now I could help people learn how to create wealth based on their purpose, while following their passions.
  • Take a painful experience and use that experience to help others: During the first 20 years of my life, I experienced my fathers death at six years old, saw my mother struggle as a widow and then marry an abusive husband who left her homeless with cancer. I then married at 19 and found myself abused and in the hospital. These experiences helped me not only become a much better financial planner, but inspired me to start a foundation to help disadvantaged women and girls. It’s called, Smart Women Empowerment and we have partnered with the HAVEN, a domestic violence shelter, to coach four women this next year.
  • Make a committment to yourself and others: I married a Detroit Symphony French Horn Player, and love classical music . To ensure I make time to go to concerts, I purchase season tickets with two of my former financial planning clients who are widows. We all win! Beth who is 90 could not attend if I did not drive, I share her wonderful box seats that she has had for decades, we have a blast sharing stories on our drive to and from the concert, they are mentors to me by sharing their life lessons.

    Beth, Katana and Amal at DSO concert
    Beth, Katana and Amal at DSO concert

Spend some time thinking about ways you can bring more joy into your life and the life of others. You may end up with some very pleasant surprises just like have. Tell me, what are you doing to live with more purpose, passion and prosperity while making a difference in the world?

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