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Hiking the San Andreas Fault in Palm Desert with Joe and Debbie Windau, Suzanne and Jim Amstutz, and Mark.
Hiking the San Andreas Fault in Palm Desert with Joe and Debbie Windau, Suzanne and Jim Amstutz, and Mark.

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer! I’d like to thank Chris Freer for hosting the show for the last two weeks so I could really enjoy a much needed vacation. She did a fabulous job, and both interviews were content-rich.

My husband, Mark and I, normally plan a special vacation at the end of each summer before the Detroit Symphony Orchestra season begins. This year, we decided to visit the California coast.

Before ending up in Palm Springs golfing, hiking, and relaxing, we had a chance to visit San Diego where we caught up with many dear friends, all living their dream lives. This included DSO retirees now living in the mountains of Ramona, and friends who retired just a few blocks from the magnificent Swami Beach.

We even met up with Dr. Susan Sklar and her husband Marshall for breakfast, which was perfect timing since I will be interviewing her tomorrow on the show!

Dr. Sklar is an expert blogger and sponsor for our nonprofit, as well as a favorite guest on Smart Women Talk Radio. Tomorrow, she will be sharing her cutting edge research on Alzheimer’s and dementia. She is a Harvard-trained OBGYN who reinvented her retirement to become a holistic health practitioner.

I was able to witness her brilliance personally when she co-hosted our last women’s retreat to Costa Rica where we visited the Nicoya Peninsula, one of the Blue Zones, famous for its high rate of centenarians.

Let me know if you might be interested in attending a Reinvent Your Life Retreat in Costa Rica with Dr. Sklar and me. Here is a video from our last retreat where we visited the Blue Zone of Nicoya and the Arenal Volcano rain forest.

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