Life’s Detours

detour-44163_640Have you ever asked yourself this question?   

What I am suppose to be doing?  Why am I here at this point in time?

Sometimes we follow a path in life that we feel was carved out for us.  The traditional way of life…birth, school, college, marriage, kids, empty nest, retirement.  Are you on this life highway or would you like to take a little detour? 

Many women I speak to are looking for that detour.  They have followed the path but now are feeling that something is missing

 When you feel this way it may mean that what you are doing is not aligned with what you are meant to do.

My partner Michelle told me a story about one of her first college counselors.  He asked her what she wanted to do.  Her reply was that since she worked in computers that she should probably take some computer courses. He then told her something that has stuck with her.  He said “I didn’t ask you what you do, I asked you what you want to do.”

What he meant by that was you don’t have to follow the path that you’re on just because you’re already on it.  If your current path is not making you happy, then take a detour.   Try a different path.  And if that path doesn’t work, then try another one.  The point is, don’t settle for unhappy.  Always strive for joy and fulfillment.

Take a moment to pause on the things in your life right now that make you unhappy or suck your energy.   Now notice where you are feeling that in your body?  Last week I wrote about releasing negative feelings.  This week we need to identify those things in your life that are making you unhappy.  It could be:

  • Unhealthy eating habits 
  • Not getting enough exercise
  • Trying to quit smoking
  • Work stress
  • Relationships
  • Wanting to change careers

Whatever your list contains, it won’t fix itself without a mindset change from you a simple shift in your energy and beliefs around this problem.

For example, you’re ready to start that diet…again.  There are plenty of diet plans out there and you’ve more than likely tried a dozen of them but they may not be working. If you think of “dieting” as lack and limitations of what you can eat then you won’t stick to it.  You’re taking away from your life and that’s not going to make you happy.  What would happen if you simply shifted your energy and limiting beliefs about dieting to thoughts and actions that bring you joy and pleasure?

You know that smoking is bad for you but yet you ignore the warnings.  You’ve tried to quit but you say you just can’t.  You’ve already convinced yourself that you can’t because you’ve tried in the past and it didn’t work.  Again, what if you shifted your mindset from quitting smoking to receiving something else that you love instead?

Career and job change are the most common life detour I see.  I work with women all the time who are unhappy with their current career path and want me to help them identify what their purpose is.  You need to first figure out what brings you joy, what is effortless to you, and then figure out how to make money doing that.  The figure out part may really surprise you.  It too may be just a simple shift.

  • So what is your detour?
  • Where is the void in your life?
  • And is there an alternate path that you can take?




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