Learning to be Present: One of 3 Keys to a Healthy Mind

chilling at the Beach“The day’s work is not complete until the mind can rest as sound as the body.” ~ Patty Frisco

A few years ago, I spent two weeks at a spiritual retreat overlooking the ocean in Brazil.  I was the only American surrounded by others from every part of the world, including Australia, Europe and the Middle East.

The idea of taking off two weeks was amazing to me, but to them it was simply normal.  In fact, a few of them were heading off to another couple of weeks touring different parts of South America.

We spent our time in deep conversations, looking at nature, walks on the beach, eating delicious organic meals, reading and attending evening lectures.

About a week in, one of the facilitators said to me, “Katana, I notice that you are always doing something.  You need to learn how to be present and just BE.”

Then she said something to me that I have never forgotten.  “For the mind to be totally healthy, we need 8 hours of focus, 8 of sleep and 8 hours of allowing the mind to wander.” 

I think about this idea all the time and find it hard to do in our society.  Think about it for yourself and look at your day.  Ask yourself:

  • How do you allow your mind to wander?
  • What would that even look like to you?
  • How can you create the time every day for this to occur?

I invite you to ponder this idea and then schedule time in your calendar to just BE PRESENT.  It’s also called mindfulness and comes during times of meditation, doing something you love like art, day dreaming, being in nature, bike riding, yoga.  It’s also where we become the most creative and where we can release tension and raise our vibrations.

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