It’s Time To Delegate: The Brain Dump Method

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I just returned from 10 days in Panama where I was able to recharge my battery, soak up the sun and clear out my mind.  It was wonderful.  We snorkeled in the Bastimentos National Marine Park and ate fresh fish every day!

We returned to sub zero weather of -3 degrees and a white out while driving home on I-94 at 12:30 am.  My husband had suggested staying in Panama for a few more days till this Arctic freeze passed, but I was ready to come home.

I woke up Tuesday morning ready to do my radio show and began to pull together my to do list and found that it was a full page long.  All of a sudden I was feeling totally overwhelmed and wondering, “How am I going to get all this done?”

Next I opened my email box and saw hundreds of emails…UGG!  Okay, I thought, time to breathe.  And then there it was, right in my inbox — Day 14 of my 100 Days of Inspirational Quotes:

“When your schedule leaves your brain drained and stressed to exhaustion, it’s time to give up something.  Delegate.” ~Marilyn Ruman

Has this ever happened to you?   These tips come every day for 100 days and they always seem to be just perfect.  This one certainly was.  Let me share my secret to delegating, because there is a secret to delegating.  I call it the Brain Dump Method.

Step 1:  Create two headers as I did below (Personal/Administrative and Business/Revenue). Then go through your list and divide it up into the two columns, deciding where they go one by one. I like to do this on a word document so I can print it out, or save it.


  • List all the things that drain your energy, don’t generate revenue, this can include emails, follow up phone calls, paperwork, buying that airline ticket, creating that PDF you need for that speech you are going to give, checking out the program you purchased, running to the bank, your dentist appointment, etc.
  • This section will be a combination of business and personal. These items may even be important or urgent, but it’s not your unique ability.


  • Here you will list all the items that will generate revenue for you either now or in the very near future.  These items will include things that you love doing and that you are great at.
  • An example in my case would be sub headers for Website Materials for Tara, Clients, Marketing and Retreats.
  • Next I can list the tasks that need to be done under each category.  So under Website Materials for Tara, I could have confirm SWC squeeze page, New template, private membership area content, create new video for retreat, new ezine header, etc.

Step 2:  Eliminate!  Now that everything is written down, remove anything on the list that is simply not important.  These tasks are the ones that have been there forever and have not been done.  It is time to release the things that are no longer serving you.  So is there anything you can simply release and let go of?

Step 3:  Delegate!  Now it’s time to take out a highlighter and decide what can you simply delegate to someone else.

  •  What things are you doing that you can delegate to someone immediately with a phone call or email?
  •  What things will take some time for training or hiring the right person?
  •  Who can you contact who always has the best network of resources?
  •  What can you delegate after you pull together the data, content, or paperwork?

In my case, I have found a wonderful virtual assistant and she pretty much runs everything for me. She is on the other side of the country and I have never met her, but it doesn’t matter. 

  • In most cases I need to write the content or create the videos, or have the initial conversations with clients or prospects.  However, once that part is completed, I love handing it off to her.
  • This takes a lot of trust and there will be bugs to work out and it might not be perfect at first…but after some time, things will begin to flow and you will not only free up your energy, but your revenue will explode!
  • My goal is to spend 80% of my time doing the things that I love and that are my unique ability.  Also, these are the things that no one else can do anyway, so it’s perfect.

Step 4:  Events/Calendar-  Although I use outlook and have several calendars that have all my appointments in them, I love having a one page list in numerical order listing all my upcoming nonrecurring events both business and personal.  My current list is from 1/29 – 3/16 and includes my dentist, parties, concerts, speaking engagements, launches, and my travel.  I love seeing all of this in one place. It keeps me focused.

Step 5:  Hot List! Now before you do anything else, run through your list and pick three things only that you will take from your “to do list” and bring them to the top.  You are going to ignore everything else until these are done.  If something else comes up during the day, you can quickly add it to your list under the right column, but focus on your top three things.  Once these are completed you can do it again, but your goal is to feel a sense of accomplishment by finishing these three items.

Please let me know how you like my Brain Dump System.  I’d love to hear from you!

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