It’s almost Oscar time!

About to watch the movie, Casablanca, while the Detroit Symphony Orchestra plays the soundtrack

It’s almost Oscar time!  Do you have your favorite movie from this year?  What about a favorite Oscar winner from years past?

Last week I had a blast attending a concert with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) where the movie, Casablanca, was played at Orchestra Hall on a screen suspended above the heads of the musicians while they played the soundtrack.  The DSO has done this before with movies like Wizard of Oz and Home Alone — always to sold out crowds. It was the perfect opportunity to escape life and while being swept away to years gone by.

Most of us love movies.  Not only can they make us laugh or cry, but they can distract us during difficult times and teach us lessons about life without us actually having to experience them personally.  In this week’s interview, Brent Marchant thinks this may be one of the reasons that the film, Lala Land is such a favorite this year. In interviewing movie fans he found:

“The comment that seems to be coming up the most is that audiences see “La La Land” as “a movie we need now,” that it’s the allegedly perfect antidote for a stressed-out and world-weary society. That’s understandable given the country’s and the world’s current state of affairs. It’s also nothing new; movies made during the Great Depression of the 1930s served a similar function, providing anxiety-ridden viewers with a few hours’ escape from their everyday woes.”

In my interview with author and movie critic, Brent Marchant, he says movies have a way of giving us insight into our own lives, so I invited him to again, share not only his Oscar picks for this year, but to share how movies can illustrate the Conscious Creation or Law of Attraction principals.  You can scroll down and listen live right now or at your leisure!

Brent Marchant is one of our Smart Women Contributing Experts who writes regular movie reviews for us. You can read all his reviews,including Manchester By the SeaFencesHidden FiguresJackieLoving and Arrival by visiting our website regularly!  

For those of you who live in the Detroit area, next week the DSO will be featuring their annual “A Night at the Academy Awards including Oscar winning films such as Avatar, Rocky, Star Wars, Titanic and more.  Visit the DSO website to learn more.  I’ll be there Sunday afternoon with my family!

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