Increase Your Energy and Simplify Your Life

Every time we release anything that no longer is serving us, we are opening up space for more of what will serve us today. This could be cleaning out our closet, our bookkeeping, our refrigerator, even cleaning up our relationsyoga-1507398_640hips.  Each day, we are either expanding or contracting.

I choose to grow and thrive.  What about you?

Take a few minutes today to look around your life.

  • What is it that you have been holding on to that is no longer servicing you?
  • What is it that is holding you back from living with joy and abundance?
  • What is it that is draining your energy?

Schedule some time now to clean up messes and to get organized. Put the appointment with yourself on your calendar and stick to it.

In my Perfect Life Time System, I call these Prep Days. Steven Covey calls these “Quadrant Two” activities – when you are working on things that are important, but not urgent.  It’s when you are cleaning up messes and preparing for fabulous Perfect and Power Days.

By investing time today to clean up messes, get organized and to care for yourself, you will automatically be freeing up your energy, time and abundance in the future. Watch how things begin to shift in all areas of your life as you release and make room for more. Remember, everything is energy.

In last week’s article, I gave you an exercise to help you raise your energy and attract more wealth into your life. Did you take the time to do it? If not, I highly recommend doing this first and then coming back to this week’s exercise.  Here is the link to Double Your Income and Double Your Time Off.

Today’s Exercise:

Take a look at your list from last week’s exercise and do the following:

  • Simply cross out some items you can eliminate immediately. That was simple!
  • Now pick the items you can delegate and outsource and find someone to help you.
  • Then schedule time today in your calendar to take the first step in this process.

Start with one simple step and take action now.

This process I am sharing with you today (along with last week) will change your life by giving you more time, energy, money and freedom for the rest of your life. All you have to do is follow the process and watch the shift.

Next week, I will share the time system I use to stay on track that really leverages my time, energy and money, so be sure to do this assignment first!

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