How to Do Less and Enjoy More!

This idea of “Do Less and Enjoy More” came from my mother in law, Joanne who lived a life of simplicity that included being present and really making everything and every day count. Pretty nice philosophy, eh?

With our business lives, most of us today find ourselves dealing with chaos, to do lists, appointments and commitments that drain our energy and zap our inspiration and joy.  We often end up overwhelmed, exhausted and even lose our confidence.

“Do Less Enjoy More” is about learning to focus on the things that bring you joy and results and then taking the steps to release, eliminate and delegate anything that is creating stress, draining your energy and not giving you results …PERIOD.

Take out a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle and a line across the top. Then on the top left write Doing More and Enjoying Less and the top right, Doing Less and Enjoying More. Then under the “Right” column, list all the things that are bringing you joy, great income, energy, and results. Under the “Left” column list all of the things that drain your energy and confidence, and the things that you continually put off doing or create feelings of fear, guilt or regret.

Now while looking at this list think about what areas of your life or specific projects you would like to focus on for the next 90 or 180 days (next 6 months). Only pick a 1-3.

• An example of Doing More and Enjoying Less would be over scheduling multiple events or parties in one day. This often happens around the holidays and I ask people, how can you be present and really enjoy yourself when you pack so much in to one day.
• It can happen on a vacation when we do this, we often come back “needing a vacation” – totally exhausted.
• In your business – it would be over committing and then under delivering which zaps your confidence.
• In your personal life – it would look like not taking time for yourself for self-care or not spending quality time with those who are really important to you or always having a long to do list.

Deepak Chopra has 3 questions you should ask yourself every day that will help you identify what you should be focused on:
• Is if fun
• Is it easy
• Am I getting results

Final Step:
I challenge you to look at your life by taking out your calendar and your “to do” list and then asking yourself these three questions above every day. Then take these two steps:

• Begin to move in the direction of what brings you joy, pleasure and results
• Begin to eliminate everything that is creating stress, draining your energy and not giving results, you life will begin to flow, your health will improve and you will begin to experience true prosperity.

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