How I have Energy, Time, and Fun!

Being a serial workaholic (it’s easy to do when you love your work!) I can tell you that putting in the long hours and sacrificing your family, friends, and fun is not worth it.  Sure it may help your business, but if you have no time to enjoy the benefits then is it really helping?  You need a good combination of both.  

With the New Year just around the corner many people start to think about changes they want to make in their lives.  Maybe you’re finally ready to start that business or take your current business to the next level.  Maybe it’s to finally lose that last 10 pounds, eat better, and start exercising. Or maybe it’s not really change you seek but a way to freshen up your life.  In any case, it’s important to make time to play. 

I created this exercise several years ago and it seems like the right time to talk about it again.  I work with so many entrepreneurs who just don’t make the time for themselves.  Why is it that we have no problem scheduling an hour for a meeting but can’t seem to find the time to schedule an hour for a massage?  They are both important – one for your business and one for your health.

This exercise is called “The Perfect Life Filter™”. The purpose of this exercise is to help take a look at the different areas of our lives that are important to us:

  • Family
  • Fitness
  • Finance
  • Fun
  • Freedom

If we are out of balance with any one of these areas it will affect the other areas. 

Let me give you an example: I tend to get very focused on work (because my work is one of my passions) but when I do then I ignore my heath and my family. 

I have worked through an entire weekend! 

This is certainly not the way to develop deep and meaningful relationships with my family and friends and in the long run…it ends up not being that much fun either.

Think about your life and what’s important to you. How can you combine your goals to leverage your time and energy? Here are some examples of how to do this for yourself. And please share your results with us by commenting below. 


Take a moment now and list your goals for each of the following areas:

• Family Goals: (ex: Deepen Relationships)
• Fitness Goals: (ex: Self Care – Energy)
• Finance Goals: (ex: Security – Abundance)
• Fun Goals: (ex: Joy – Experiences)
• Freedom Goals: (ex: Self Expression)

Now think of ways you can combine more than one goal to leverage your time.

For example:

  • Family & Fun: Family Vacations.
  • Fitness & Fun: Join a yoga or zumba class, or train for that marathon you always wanted to run.
  • Family & Fitness: Go to the park with the family, ride bikes or go for a walk.
  • Finances & Freedom: Make sure your finances are taken care of and your money is working for you. 

If you have to schedule time for fun then do it.  It will hopefully become a habit and you won’t have to schedule it anymore, it will just come naturally. 

Remember…all work and no play makes us unhappy, unhealthy, and drains our energy. 

Don’t you want more from the life you were sent here to live?







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