“Fresh Start” reinvention

Recently, I was interviewed by bestselling author, Gail Martin for her book, Fresh Start Success: Reinvent Your Work, Reimagine Your Life and Reignite Your Passion, about 41 amazing people who faced the need to make a big life change and found their purpose.

What I found interesting is that in almost every case, these individuals utilized social media and the internet in their new “fresh start” reinvention.

This discovery inspired Gail to immediately write her next book, The Essential Social Media Marketing Handbook: A New Roadmap for Marketing Your Brand, Influence, and Credibility.

Gail also interviewed me for this book because I have been leveraging the internet with my Smart Women Companies since 2003.

In our nonprofit, Smart Women’s Empowerment, we have a website, social media sites, a mobile app, an online school called Smart Women’s Academy, and over 300 radio shows archived on multiple podcast platforms with over one million subscribers globally.

I’m looking forward to learning even more ways to leverage the internet. The world has changed so much, and many are living the laptop lifestyle working from a virtual office.

I will be testing this concept out myself next January when I get a chance to work virtually for several months while traveling around the country when my husband has a six-month sabbatical.

I hope you have a chance to listen to the interview with Gail. Be sure to check out both of her books. Gail has been a Contributing Business Expert for Smart Women since its inception in 2007!

Also please Listen Now to Gail’s recent interview on Smart Women Talk Radio where we discussed her latest book “Fresh Start Success: Reinvent Your Work, Reimagine Your Life, and Reignite Your Passion.”

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