Finding Your Passion and Taking the Leap: Megan’s Story

ballet-leap-751866_640Have you ever felt like you were on a treadmill going like crazy, but feeling as if you really weren’t getting anywhere?  Perhaps you have experienced a lack of joy and enthusiasm in what you do for a living, but simply haven’t known what to do to change your life?

I’ve been there myself several times and I want you to know there is a system you can follow to find your true passion in life and to take the leap and change your life.

The process is often not easy, but when you follow the steps, it most certainly will lead to success.  The question to ask yourself is, “How willing are you to do whatever it takes to get what you truly want in life?”

So whether you want to get that dream job, start a business where you can work from home, become a bestselling author, save up enough money to send your children to college or purchase that dream home in Costa Rica, it’s all the same process.  I call it the Six Pillars of Awakened Prosperity System™. 



Years ago, I had a conversation with my young assistant, Megan.  She was working for me part time running Smart Women’s Coaching®: managing the radio show, website and live events while she went to college full time.  She was in a private school studying fashion design and told me that she was not happy.  She thought she was in the wrong field of study, but she had no idea what she really wanted to be doing with her life.  She also expressed that she was afraid to switch fields right now, because she had already invested so much time and money into her education and she feared the credits would not transfer to other colleges.

This is how the process begins, simply with a longing for something more and a willingness to be open and to explore and to dream.  Notice how Megan followed all six steps of the system in her story.

Megan and I began to work together on her Dream.  We spent week after week in Discovery, exploring her passions, skills and unique abilities.  What did she really want to be doing with her life?  We also explored some of the darker periods of her life.  You see, Megan, was born with a birth defect that caused her to experience emotional trauma and painful surgeries for most of her young life.

The secret to her purpose and life path were actually hidden deep within those painful experiences.  One day, Megan called me with total excitement in her voice saying, “Aunt Kat, I know what I want to do when I graduate!  I want to help children like me…that have gone through trauma in their lives.  I know I can help them because I’ve been there too.”

Exercise:  Let Your Past Experiences Be Your Guide

  • Look back over your life and identify what might have been your most painful experiences.
  • What did you learn from those experiences?
  • What was the gift and how has it shaped your life?
  • What wisdom and skills do you now have that make you uniquely qualified to do something extraordinary?

In Megan’s case, we discovered this was a gift and the key to the life she was born to live — her purpose in life.  How exciting for her to discover this while still a such young person.

Tip:  Trust Your Inner Guide or Intuition to Take the Leap

Knowing what you want is great.  However, it will often bring up lots of fear.  You begin to question yourself, “Am I crazy?  I can’t do this. What will people think?  What if I fail?”  This when many people give up and go back to the familiar or decide to play it safe and give up their dream.

In Megan’s case, she took the Leap and switched not only majors, but started school all over at a new college even though her credits did not transfer to the new major.  Her mother supported her decision.  She walked through her fear, reached out for support and never looked back.

Next, she had to create a Plan.  She wanted to be near her doctor. He was creating his transition team, so she moved to Cincinnati and tried to get a job working in the Children’s Hospital.   She worked many jobs, gaining more and more experience while she continued to work on getting her degree in Psychology.  This was where she was testing and retesting or what I call the Dance. It’s where you implement and test everything out.

Many years passed and finally she graduated with her Master’s of Psychology.  She had reached Mastery.  She had completed the full journey and had reached the summit.

What happened when Megan reached Mastery?  She had another Dream.  You see it’s an ongoing cycle.  Every time we reach Mastery, we have a new Dream or Vision, so we go through this process again and again during our lifetimes.

Megan knew the drill and went through all the steps once again focused on her new Dream.

Today, Megan is married to the man of her dreams, she lives near her family back in Michigan.  She is the Executive Director of The Child Advocacy Center and just raised $70,000 in her first fund raiser.  She realizes that everything that happened to her and all her experiences good and bad, played a crucial role in giving her the tools, unique abilities and mindset for the sacred journey she is on.

Take a look at your life.  Where are you in this process?  I invite you to invest the time to get clear on your vision and your purpose.  Remember, you don’t have to do this alone.  Reach out for support by finding a mentor, taking a program, or even reading a book.  Too many people give up just before they reach their Dream.

What if Megan had given up?  Megan spent six months looking for the perfect job when she came back to Michigan.  She was working three part time jobs.  She had a very clear Vision. She wanted to work with children who were in trauma, she wanted to work near her home in Lapeer Michigan, she wanted a full time job, with benefits where she would be working in social work.  When we are this focused on our Dreams, the Universe chimes in and magic happens.  The perfect position in the perfect location literally fell right into her lap.  It was perfect.  It always is when we trust the process!

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