Expert Secrets to Writing and Publishing YOUR book

books-441866_640Each week, Vicky and I interview the most amazing men and women on our weekly radio show, Smart Women Talk.  Last week, our guest was Expert Celebrity Branding and Writing Coach, Ruth Klein, and her topic was “How to Become an Expert Celebrity & Get Your Book Published”.

Ruth is a six time bestselling author who helps individuals become thought leaders while bringing their messages to the world.  I was excited to have her back to the show to share her wisdom, because so many women I meet seem to have a book inside of them, but have no idea where to start.

Writing the book is an issue in itself.  Many people choose to write the book first, and then look for a publisher or simply self publish.  Each of these options can work, but you need to have a clear action plan.  Ruth recommends writing a comprehensive “Book Proposal” which includes a marketing plan and your platform, as well as book comparisons, endorsements, and sample chapters.

This is the process she has used to become a six time bestselling published author and she not only teaches this process, but actually takes individuals to the Book Expo each year to pitch their book proposals to publishers.  I did this in 2008 with two of my associates from Michigan who both ended up getting published.  Take a look at their books which have taken on a life of their own. 

  • Elder Law attorneys, Andy and Danielle Mayoras, Trial and Heirs:  Famous Fortune Fights.  Notice the powerful branding.  They wanted to create a way for families to begin the conversation on estate planning while positioning themselves as the experts in this arena.  They have been extremely successful and were even featured in a PBS special.
  • International leadership guru, Anne Doyle, Powering Up already had a huge platform, and used her book to take her leadership message to thousands of women around the world.

The book expo was a catalyst for all of this and an amazing experience meeting with agents, acquisition editors and seeing the publishing business up close. 

One of the things that Ruth talked about on the show was creating your soul centered brand and becoming an “Expert Celebrity”.  All of this has to do with your Platform and includes: 

  • What is your expertise and credentials?
  • How many people can you reach? 

Another one of my friends just received a publishing deal with Hay House, including an advance, and it looks like they have already asked her to write her next book.  One of her secrets is the huge platform she has created through her network, including the assurance that we will all help her promote her book when the time comes.  Publishers want to get their investment back when they give you an advance. 

If you missed the show, and want to listen, just click the link here to listen to the replay.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to Smart Women Talk through iTunes and access all 157 shows for free!





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