Daily Ritual for Creating Health, Wealth and Happiness

Many American women are really on an adrenaline rush most of the time. I have found that if we don’t slow down and allow things to flow, the Universe finds a way to do it for us.

I have found a wonderful solution to help create balance in my life and it only takes three minutes.I call this process The Perfect Life Pause. Any time during the day that I feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired, or frustrated, I follow this process to refocus my energy and intention.



I suggest doing your first Perfect Life Pause when you first wake up with just four simple steps!

  • Start with your eyes closed. Listen to the sounds in the room, your breathing notice your body and relax. Then focus on What you would wish for in your life if you had a magic wand and could make any wish you wanted? Pause in that moment.How you would feel, what you would be doing and how you would look.
  • Now spend the next several minutes in this wonderful state of mind believing it is real.
  • At the end of the three minutes, be sure to express gratitude and believe that this is your Perfect Life.
  • Confirm that the right people and opportunities will flow into your life at the right time.

By pausing 3-4 times a day simply to become present and to focus on your breathing and what you really want in life like it is real, you will actually be meditating and focusing on your Intentions 10-15 minutes a day. Remember, we get what we focus on! Each day we create our reality through our thoughts and we are all very intricately connected somehow.

Example of the Law of Intention in Action:
My husband, Mark, and I were in San Francisco last August for a conference. Prior to the conference, we went to Napa for a wine tasting experience. It was one of the best vacations we ever had. We spent three days driving through wine country in a convertible with azure skies and the most beautiful scenery we had ever seen.

During our trip, we purchased a couple cases of wonderful wine and brought them back to our hotel in San Francisco thinking that we would find some packing tape and just ship the wine back with our luggage. We were enjoying our trip so much, that we never really looked seriously for the tape.

We had an early flight back to Detroit and were ready to take our bags down for the trip to the airport, when we realized we still did’nt have any packing tape. I called the front desk, and they said all they had was scotch tape.

I told Mark that I was going to go downstairs and find some tape. Specifically, I said, Let’s create the intention that we will find some packing tape and send that intention out to the Universe to see what happens.He looked at me and said, Let’s do it! So we left the hotel room and stepped into the elevator.

There was another couple in the elevator from our group, and I noticed they were holding a box, so I said, What’s in the box, did you buy wine too? We are trying to find some packing tape.The man said, No these are our costumes, we never even opened the box, and we still have our packing tape.The woman looked at me and said, Do you need some tape? Here take it we never used it.And she opened her back pack and handed me a roll of packing tape.

At that moment the elevator door opened up and they stepped out. We said goodbye and pushed the button to go back to our floor. We were both speechless. We ran back to our hotel room, slammed the door and screamed with amazement!

How does something like this happen? Some may say it’s just a coincidence. I say we created an intention and it materialized. I now do this all the time it’s amazing once you become aware of this principle. I keep the empty tape dispenser in my dresser as a reminder.

This is the principle behind focusing on your Perfect Life Pause. Something magical happens when we focus our energy and intention we actually materialize what we want.We are constantly manifesting our thoughts negative or positive even when we are not conscious of it.So try this Perfect Life Pause as a way to consciously create vibrant health, abundant wealth and happiness effortlessly!

To your prosperity!

Katana Abbott, CFP, CSA


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