Creating Your Daily Practice to Awaken Your Prosperity!

What is your daily practice? This is a ritual that you practice on a daily bases – like cleaning your teeth – that help s you stay more rejuvenated, joyful and successful. I just made a list in my journal the other day and I was shocked to see how long the list was.Some of the items had to do with making money, others with getting organized and running my household and others had to do with taking care of myself.

I realized immediately, that the most important – and actually the easiest to skip — have to do with self care.So today, let me know what are the daily rituals or practices that you can create in your life to help you stay rejuvenated, so you can do your best work and have a more joyful and prosperous life!

With love and gratitude,

Katana Abbott, CFP, CSA
Awakened Prosperity
Your Life, Your Dreams, Your Legacy

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