Creating Your Authenic – Soul Centered Brand

It was last December when I decided to figure out my own personal brand
.  For years, I had been promoting my online community, Smart Women’s Coaching, which is an online educational, inspirational and empowerment community featuring our Contributing Experts. I felt safe and it was a nice place to be — I thought. But I was wrong.  You see I had forgotten to brand myself.  I had almost become an administrator for our community…hosting the calls, writing the ezine and providing lots of content for the greater good.

No wonder I was feeling burned out. I was not expressing my unique abilities and talents by being behind a computer! Well, I decided to talk to one of our Contributing Experts, Ruth Klein, about my situation, and that’s when she told me I had forgotten to create my own personal brand.

I hired Ruth as my business coach and we got busy.  Within six weeks, I had launched my own personal website and launched my Midlife Millionaire brand.  I even launched an 8 week course on Creating Your Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle and had rave reviews from those who attended.

Something was still missing though – my brand did not express my mission authentically.  There was still one piece missing…then I got it.  My passion and expertise as a Certified Financial Planner is helping women create the second half of their lives…to create financial freedom while following their passion and to leave a fabulous legacy.  My brand was actually, “Awakened Midlife Millionaire” and I help you awaken your life, business and legacy. I was sooooo excited!

Do you see the difference?  To me, the “Awaken” goes to the soul, purpose and passion of creating your perfect life.  Then the magic began to happen. As soon as I made the commitment to move forward with my new and authentic brand, other opportunities began to come into my life.  My dear friend, Marilyn Schwader, who is a Shamanic Practitioner, and I began to share our dreams about leading off site spiritual prosperity retreats in places like Costa Rica and South America and we are are now co-creating a new program on Awakened Prosperity.  It really is magical what begins to happen when you begin to follow your bliss and express yourself authentically!

Where are you holding yourself back?  Is there something inside of you that’s just waiting to emerge to help you live more authentically, joyfully and abundantly?




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