Create a Daily Ritual to Create Balance in Your Life

keyboard-393838_640Life can be very complicated with lots of unexpected twists and turns that can upturn even the best laid plans. I have found a wonderful solution to help create balance in my life and it only takes a few minutes a day. I call this process the Perfect Life Pause. Any time during the day that I feel overwhelmed, stressed, tired or angry, I follow this process to refocus my energy and intention.

Many of us are actually on an adrenaline rush much of the time during the day. I’ve found if we don’t slow down and allow things to flow, the Universe finds a way to do it for us…often to get our attention.

I suggest doing your first Perfect Life Pause when you first wake up.

Step 1:  Start with your eyes closed. Listen to the sounds in the room, your breathing…notice your body and relax. Then focus on a place, time or experience when you were really relaxed and in a state of pure joy.

  • My place is lying in my hammock next to the river with my daughter, Kirsten lying next to me when she was just a little girl. The hammock is swaying in the breeze and we can hear the water from the lake beating gently against the shore.

Step 2:  Now spend the next several minutes in this wonderful state of mind.

Step 3:  Be sure to express gratitude for this moment of joy. Trust that everything is perfect and the the right people and opportunities will flow into your life effortlessly.

All you have is the present moment and by doing this exercise three times a day, you will actually be meditating and focusing your intentions on your perfect life almost 10 minutes daily.  The Law of Attraction states that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so this simple exercise may have very profound affects. Try it for a week, and let me know what happens!

Katana is a Certified Financial Planner and Midlife Millionaire Coach who teaches entrepreneurs to Leverage Their Expertise and Create a Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle.   You can contact Katana personally at

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