The Secret to True Courage

My tip today is based on this quote about courage by Anita Roddick:courage rocks

“The big dilemma about courage is that you never think anything you do remarkable when it’s instinctive.” 

What is courage to you?

Many believe that courage has to do with being a risk taker.  I am a huge risk taker.  It’s simply part of my DNA.

This risk taking or what some would call courage has helped me do amazing things in life.  It’s part of my makeup.

Sometimes it gets me in trouble because I can experience huge failures, but that’s okay too, because I have learned that my biggest failures have often been where I have learned my greatest lessons, experienced the most growth or been pulled back on my path when I was heading in the wrong direction.  So it’s all perfect.

So do you need to be a huge risk taker to be courageous?  No.

Courage is staying focused when faced with chaos, standing up for what you believe in, speaking your truth, doing whatever it takes to get that degree, making a tough decision, and even living in alignment with your values.

Like Anita Roddick’s quote says, “you never think anything you do is remarkable when it’s instinctive.”  Instinctive is who you are; your unique abilities, talents, strengths and even your challenges.  One of my challenges — or strengths — depending on the way you look at it, is that I LEAP before I PLAN.

Some would say I am Courageous.  For me it’s just instinctive.

So what is Courage to you?

  • What’s the first thing that just came to mind?  Make a note of this.
  • Ask your friends and family how they see you as courageous.
  • Take a moment after the call and journal about this.
  • If you are struggling about it, write out all the things that come so easily to you, things that are effortless.
  • Then take a look at how many of those things are so instinctive, that you don’t even realize just how powerful, courageous and unique you really are.

This will increase your confidence and clarity about how you can use your unique talents to make a difference, to reach new goals, to create more abundance and to live a life you truly love.


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