Clarity is the Key to Creating Your Perfect Life

lake-240421_640Clarity truly is the key to creating your perfect life, unfortunately most people don’t have clarity of what their perfect life is.  It’s important to create your vision.  I want you to take a moment to sit down in a quite place, and visualize your perfect life three years from now.  What would it look like?

Try this exercise

Imagine it’s three years form now, and you are getting ready in the morning, looking in the mirror and you have a smile on your face — a big grin.  What’s happening in your life today?   Where are you going? What are you going to where?  Who are you meeting?  Where are you living and with whom?

Take a moment to write down what has to happen between now and three years to make these things happen.  You don’t need to know how to do these things, just write down what would need to happen or change.  Write these in present tense and under the three categories below.  Here are some examples:


  • My life is joyful, abundance and effortless
  • I go to yoga three times a week, and love riding my bike through the wet lands each morning
  • I enjoy traveling, speaking and writing
  • I love my home on the lake – my life is a vacation every day


  • My daughters are thriving and creating their own joyful lives now
  • I love going to weekly concerts with my husband.  We are closer than ever!
  • I make time to enjoy deep relationships with close friends by planning dates in advance.

Money and Work

  • My business is running without me.
  • My virtual team takes care of all the details!
  • I am focused on doing what I love 80% of the time, and it’s paying off because my business is thriving.
  • We are on track with our financial goals and update our financial plan quarterly.

Now Activate the Law of Intention:

Now print out your affirmations and put them where you can read them daily so you can begin taking action on these goals and working through any challenges.

The secret is to get really, really clear about what you want and why you want it.  Once you do, the magic will begin and you will literally begin to attract what you want into your life.  If you are foggy about what you want or you only focus on what you don’t want from a “fear” prospective, the Universe will bring you more of that…more fog and fear.

You can make a list, create a vision board, but make sure you create something visual and focus on it every day with emotion and intention.

You can also share your goals and dreams with others.  This may create some fear – but begin to move in the direction of what you want and watch the magic begin.

Ready to get financial clarity?

Enjoy your life with the peace of mind that comes with having a proven financial strategy, Schedule a consultation today!

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