Celebrate Milestones

Sandy Morrison, Pamela Good, Susanne Forbes-Dicker, and Katana

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of celebrating a milestone birthday for “The Hat Lady,” Susanne Forbes-Dicker, at the gorgeous home of Pamela Good and Jack Krasula.

Pamela Good and Sandy Morrison not only created a gorgeous themed event, but they also asked everyone to “come dressed to the nines wearing hats” to honor Susanne’s special day.  Even the cake was a replica of one of Susanne’s hats.

The event was also a fundraiser for Beyond Basics, a nonprofit organization  teaching literacy in the Detroit and Pontiac Public Schools.

During the luncheon, I took a moment to look around the room to see the faces of the many change-agents who have been on our show, including: Pastor Lorenzo Sewall, handwriting analyst, Ruth Holmes, Pink Fund founder, Molly McDonald, and Beyond Basics founder, Pamela Good.

Then I realized that almost everyone in attendance were people making a difference in our communities through their time, leadership, and philanthropy. I love being in the company of such big-hearted and talented women and men!

I am so excited about this week’s radio show with 11-time Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker, Keith Famie.  We talked about his recent movies and we even played the trailers on the show. It was very interesting. Click here to listen now!

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