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Why do you ask?

Because the traditional idea of “retirement” is obsolete.

We are living longer than our parents did and the idea of stopping work and quietly fading away is being replaced with something better.

Something bolder.

It's a Retirement Reinvention based on Living Your Purpose

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Ask yourself these questions...


What have you always dreamed of doing, but have pushed to the back burner?


How much you will have and how much you will actually need to live your dream?


And what is your plan to create the new lifetime income you will need for this next chapter of your life?

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Three Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Retirement Income

80% of women are not properly prepared for retirement.

Sound Familiar?

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Your best friend has had to downsize her precious family home and move in with family in order to have any kind of retirement.

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Your neighbor has admitted the truth, that if anything happens to her husband’s income... they’re lost. Maintaining a luxurious lifestyle has left them with low savings and no nest egg.

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Your cousin is being reckless with the healthy lump sum she inherited from her mother's passing. She’s blowing through it, giving it away to others and buying expensive things that need constant upkeep.

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Your sister is bitterly disappointed. The million dollars she saved up in retirement funds won’t even provide 50% of her pre-retirement lifestyle. Her dreams of traveling and seeing the world won’t happen on the $800/week figure given by her financial advisor. She simply didn’t save enough.

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Your colleague received that life-changing phone call. Her mother has dementia and needs someone to take care of her. She quit her job to give her mom the care she needs, not realizing that it may cost her $324,000 in lost wages, pension and Social Security credits, 401(k) savings, and promotions.

You know these women to be smart,
savvy and strong….just like you.

You can’t help but toss and turn some nights and ask:  

“Am I okay? Will I end up like my friends… or worse, depending on others to take care of me?”

Katana was an absolute Godsend after my husband’s passing. With her financial savvy and compassionate heart, she helped me achieve financial order and peace of mind during a period of great confusion and overwhelm. Her dedication to my best interests was abundantly evident every single step of the way.”

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Colleen Kilpatrick

Stop Worrying


by following a few simple and specific steps, even if you feel like you’ve waited too long, don’t really know how you’ve invested your money, or have any idea how to put a solid plan together.

Hello, I'm Katana

For the last 30 years, I've helped women live their purpose brilliantly during their second act.

Imagine living the second half of your life with ease and joy, knowing that everything is in place to ensure you have a lifetime of income that you will never outlive.

Imagine looking at your financial statements and knowing with confidence that you have reduced your portfolio risk, and you are prepared for the next economic downturn. You have become a savvy investor.​

Imagine being known as the clever one at the ladies luncheon because you strategically waited to start taking Social Security when it would benefit you and your other investments the most.​

Imagine having a secret smile because you now have the perfect encore career or business that provides the income you need and the flexibility and purpose you’ve been looking for. Retirement is now optional and affordable!

It’s possible.

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Think about it

With 95% of pre-retirees expecting to work in some capacity during their retirement either by choice or necessity

It’s time to re-define retirement as we know it.

You know, the version that our parents had with a solid  pension, safe U.S. Treasury Bond rates of 7% or more vs. today’s 2%  and no mortgage hanging over their heads.

Many financial advisors want to focus on money management.

But that’s not enough.

Today’s astute woman doesn’t want to just retire from something.

She wants to retire INTO something.

The Midlife Millionaires® Solution is about YOU, YOUR goals, and YOUR exact, unique-to-you number needed for your second act.

Working with Katana has been invaluable for my finances and my business. As my first financial advisor she set me on a path to financial independence, allowing me to retire early from teaching and pursue my dream of being an author. Since my retirement, I have published two books, produced a movie and become a professional speaker. In the process, Katana has continued to support me by providing valuable connections and other innovative resources. Thank you very much Katana!”

Pierette Domenica Simpson

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An encore career or business

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Becoming more involved in volunteer work

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Learning new skills

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pursuing passion projects ...and anything else that suits your unique situation

The Midlife Millionaires® Solution is a mix of learning, working, relaxing,
and trying new things.

“It seems that whenever I am at a crossroads in my life, Katana has a way of giving me clarity of vision. Her passion and ability to see through situations, then having the courage to say what she sees is why I love and admire her.

Her quality of having wings is remarkable, but her ability to give others’ wings is truly her crowning glory. Her greatest gift to me is that she encouraged me to never settle, to always believe that I am destined for greatness. She truly is an encouraging, dynamic, and caring individual who is making a difference with every life she touches.”

Pat Smith

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That is the core

No matter at what age you retire, I think you agree that you want to do something that you love, something that you are great at, and something that gives you flexibility with your time.

Isn’t it time for you to take back control of your future? You need a clear plan that won’t be thrown off course if an illness, aging parents, or life emergency happens.

Together we can develop the Midlife Millionaire Lifestyle you want. And I’ll help you uncover the roadmap to get there.

(Only a few spots open each month, snag yours today!)

Help is here!

My award-winning fiduciary skills as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Midlife Millionaires® Coach, allowed me to run a financial planning practice for 20 years where I managed over $100 million in portfolio assets and combined valuable life coaching with a spiritual twist.

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My personal...

Retirement Reinvention occurred at 48 when I left corporate life and sold my practice to launch my passion project, the Smart Women Companies which include Midlife Millionaires® and the Designated Daughter® caregiving program. I also founded a non-profit to provide free financial literacy tools and resources with my team of experts from around the globe.

I don’t just crunch numbers.


I help you uncover those life-long dreams that have been sitting on the backburner while you’ve been busy taking care of everybody else’s dreams.


I help you create the exact, detailed strategy you need to get there while making sure there is a buffer in case you’re hit with the unexpected.


I also help you identify and release any self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck from moving forward!

The key is incorporating the inner and outer work of money.
Now I'd like to help you.

“Working with Katana has been eye-opening and soul-opening. During our time together, I was able to identify and release my limiting beliefs. In addition I moved confidently through the mediation of my divorce and gained clarity in my life and finances as an artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist. What we accomplished together is mind-blowing. I couldn’t get over the “before and after” lists. You are incredible and I am grateful for all of your patience and guidance. Thank you for everything!”

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tara dixon

What I know is

You don’t need to do this alone. The secret is having a Guide who has been
where you want to go. It will shorten your journey and help you avoid mistakes.

Don’t leave this to chance! Let’s talk about YOUR Dream.

Three Smart Strategies to Maximize Your Retirement Income

Let me guide you through the steps to creating income to fund your 2nd Act!

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